World Vision China Provided Immediate Relief Assistance in Shicheng County, Jiangxi Province

3,190 kilograms of rice
7,510 liters of cooking oil
6 beneficiary townships
10,700 beneficiaries
In recent days, World Vision, in cooperation with Emergency Management Bureau of Shicheng County and Shicheng County Charity Organization, distributed flood relief materials to a total of 10,700 survivors in six townships, including Fengshan Township, Zhukeng Township, Dayou Township, Pingshan Township, Qinjiang Township and Longgang Township, in Shicheng County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province.
▲ On the distribution spot
Jiangxi province was one of the worst-hit provinces in early June after heavy rains in southern China. World Vision staff immediately went to the disaster area to conduct rapid needs assessment.According to the actual needs in the affected area, World Vision allocated funds to purchase rice and cooking oil to respond the needs. The relief supplies were distributed in late July and early August.
At the distribution site, the Emergency Management Bureau of Shicheng County required all beneficiary townships to strictly follow the distribution procedures of disaster relief materials, ensure the distribution is open, fair and just, and ensure that disaster relief materials are distributed to the affected people who needed mostly. Under the organization and arrangement of the counterpart, the affected people earnestly signed on the beneficiary namelist and received relief materials in an orderly manner.
▲The flood affected people read the beneficiary namelist carefully.
▲World Vision staff checked by sample to ensure the weight of one bag of rice reach the minimum international humanitarian standard.
▲The flood affected people signed on the beneficiary namelist with staff’s instruction.
▲The flood affected people received the rice.
Don’t need to worry about food supply!
Xiaojian, a 15-year-old boy who’s at his second year in middle school, have been taken care of by his grandparents in Shicheng County after his father passed away and mother left a few years ago. The family survived by grandpa growing white pond lily, rice, and fish. Because grandpa and grandma don’t have other skills to earn a living.
The flood had destroyed a lot of farmland in Shicheng County, including the 18 mu rent field that Xiaojian’s grandpa had cultivated.
Recalling about the flood, Xiaojian said, “I was so sad that thinking of grandpa and grandma’s hard work being destroyed. Harvest gone with the flood and it would be even tougher for our family than before.” For the sake to lessen their economic loss, the family went to the farmland to rescue what can be saved after the flood.
However their effort, the family certainly face a severe lost. Not only their income lessened gravely, grandpa even have to find a way to pay their rent of the farmlands, which worsen the situation and make the food shortage a big problem to the family.
▲ Xiaojian’s grandpa signed the beneficiary namelist with staff’s help.
The grandpa and the grandson came to the distribution place early, received 30kg of rice and 5 liters of cooking oil. Grandpa beamed with big smiles and Xiaojian was happy as well. The rice and cooking oil lift a severe burden off their family. Now grandpa don’t need to worry about how to raise money to feed the family in recent time.
Xiaojian told World Vision staff, “I am happy for grandpa and grandma, because (the relief supplies) help them to unburden. I can feel the love and warmth towards our family from the society.”
▲ Cooking oil was given to Xiaojian and grandpa.
After their urgent issue being resolved, both grandfather and grandson clearly had a good mood that Xiaojian shared his dream of being a teacher in the future with World Vision staff actively. ”I am going to study hard, and be a person who could serve the society, to help people in need, and to respect and take good care of grandpa and grandma.”
The emergency relief materials can only temporarily relieve the family economic pressure of the flood affected people. It hopes that they can build up their confidence to overcome the disaster, under the leadership of the local party committee and the government, as soon as possible to resume production and life.