Celebrating the World Children's Day and the 30th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child Adopted

To celebrate World Children's Day on Nov. 20 (and the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child), World Vision launched an array of “Love Children” activities to call on all sectors of society to support the basic rights of children.  

During the period from Nov. 15-24, participate in the “Hug Dance” challenge and “Look for Courageous Bear” H5 on Tik Tok to light up more happy homes. For this charity event, Kohler will send up to 5,000 “Winter Warm Cups” to children in the mountainous areas. 

For every one more person who successfully participates in the game 
One more warm cup will be sent to children in remote mountain areas.

It is heard that in Xiaoer's “Happy House”
If people can find all Xiaoer's friends --- 8 courageous bears
Courageous bear is a good friend of Xiaoer
Who can take us
To find the clues to lost color in Xiaoer's Happy House

Dear friends, do you find out the troubles of Xiaoer? Please hurry up and help.
(Click to participate) 

In addition to playing games to light up the Happy House
There is also #Hug Dance Tik Tok challenge
Let's cheer Xiaoer on

Call for awareness of child protection
You can follow “World Vision” on Tik Tok

World Children's Day on Nov. 20 is the annual Children's Action Day of the World and it is also the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child this year. As of October 2015, the Convention has already 196 contracting states and is by far the most widely recognized international convention. One of its guiding principles is to listen to the voices of children and respect the views of children.

Let us participate in World Children's Day and recognize the significance of protecting children,
Thereby reduce the risks of children suffering from domestic violence
Enhance society's awareness of protecting children, and
Let children enjoy a peaceful and caring life.