Story of Moon

World Vision has helped many children from western Guangdong by setting up children centres with funding from Chow Tai Fook and building a child-friendly environment with support from the Kerry Group Kwok Foundation. The shy girl Moon is one of the children who have grown up and sparkled with such help.

▲Moon who used to be shy

Moon left Guangxi and followed her father and her elder brother to Yangjiang of Guangdong for a new life. Her mother is working away from home; her father makes a living by selling things in the wholesale market; her elder brother is a third-grade middle school student and is too busy with his study to take care of his 11-year-old younger sister. Due to difficulties in language and unfamiliarity with the community, it was hard for Moon to adapt to the new environment. She wanted to make new friends, but didn't know how to get started. She wanted to pour out her troubles, but no one listened.

The social workers staying in the village noticed the desire and hesitation in her eyes to communicate with others, so they offered to make friends with her, listened to her troubles, and invited Moon to take part in the activities of the social worker station. After discovering Moon's artistic talent, they encouraged Moon to express herself boldly, and Moon was selected as a little teacher for the drawing and handwork classes.

▲ Moon helped other kids to draw

With support from the social workers, Moon has transformed into a lively and confident girl. She takes an active part in the various activities held at the social worker station each weekend, such as the young volunteer team, young travel guide team, and children protection training. She introduces the social worker station to her schoolmates and takes them to play at the social worker station. She can even propose some activities and make preparations with her friends.

Early this year, Moon and her friends organized a "snack party". Moon and her friends played a leading role from the design of the activity processes, the writing of the host's script, the purchase of materials, to the hosting and conducting of the activity, and the social workers only provided some assistance. Through the training on little community guide at the social worker station, Moon has increased her understanding of communities and become a little guide who’s able to show others around the community and tell stories about the community.

▲Moon as host of "snack party"

▲ Moon designing games with peers

There are many children confronted with the same situation as Moon in the many communities of western Guangdong. It is more difficult for them to grow up than other children. They need more help from society. The social workers are trying to find them and support them besides their family and school. Through various activities and communications, they would grow up with more care, accompany and encouragement from the social workers, to have greater ambitions. With such love and help, it is hopeful that Moon and those children alike can grow up more healthily and happily.

▲ Moon who becomes more and more confident