Children Story : There Is Always Dancing

Jiajia is a 12-year-old, 6th grade primary school student of Shicheng County, Jiangxi Province. In most days, she is under mother's care with her elder sister and younger brother, when father and grandma doing business out of their county. Because two of her family aren’t living with them in most of the year, Jiajia loves summer and winter vacation very much – vacation means family gathering.
This year, the longwaited gathering moment has come, but unlike usual, Jiajia was a bit upset. Sure, grandma and father had come home as previous years, but for the outbreak of COVID-19, the family were forced to stay home.

▲Jiajia plays Chinese checkers with brother and grandma.


▲Jiajia reading a book at home.

Jiajia and her sister hurried to buy masks for the family as soon as they heard that people should wear masks outdoor because the virus could be spread via breathing, and it’s hard to buy masks then. However, stores were already short of stock, they could only bring back 4 masks, which could not cover the need of the family.

With a low storage of masks, the whole family had to stay at home as much as possible. Although accompanying by loved ones, the long indoor time still makes children unhappy.

▲Jiajia plays with her younger brother.

Now, with masks donated by World Vision, Jiajia can have a mask to wear when in need to be outside, she is happy! She could also help cleaning the staircase of the building, to improve the sanitation of their living environment, so that lower the risks of being sick. With more masks, grandma would be able to go buy various fresh foods in supermarket, so that the whole family could eat healthier and more nutritious.

▲12-year-old JiaJia is on her witner vocation. She can’t go anywhere except staying at home. She sometime helps do housework.

Jiajia learned from TV news how to properly wear a mask and realized that hand washing frequently could reduce the risk of infection. So, every time the family who goes out, she checks whether the mask is properly put on just like a little teacher, and urges them to wash their hands with sanitizers immediately after coming back.

Before the vacation, Jiajia, who loves dancing a lot, had signed up for a dancing class. However, the course had been cancelled because of the outbreak of the epidemic. Jiajia had no choice but practice at home, alone.

Therefore, Jiajia genuinely hope that the epidemic. could die down soon, so that she could play with her friends, as well as going to take the dancing course to learn new moves and enhance her dancing skills.

▲Jiajia practicing basic skills of dancing at home.

Jiajia also hope that she could go back to school soon, she said, “I would study hard, to become a doctor in the future, then I would be able to help a lot people in need.”(Written by Cassandra Li)


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