"The biggest difficulty is the lack of protective items"

27-year-old Dr. Li works at a township health center. Her daily job is to provide basic public health service such as preventive vaccination, epidemic prevention and public health supervision. This is the first no-vacation Spring Festival since she started her job in healthcare five years ago. 

She said, "The Spring Festival is the most important festival of the year and I planned to go home and spend this festival with my parents." However, her plan was disrupted by the unexpected coronavirus outbreak. When an epidemic breaks out, a command is issued. Dr. Li, just like other medical workers, stands fast to her position. 

▲Dr. Li is disinfecting a community shop

She said," I came back to work on January 24, which is the New Year's Eve." My daily job is to report statement of highway prevention and control, internal inspection of the virus and write briefing about the outbreak. I'll be here when needed." As of February 17, the county where Dr. Li works has only one confirmed coronavirus case, which is now cured and discharged. This case was found during the inspection of the people returning from Wuhan. Thanks to the timely prevention and control, there is no more spread of the virus. If we call doctors fighting the virus in the epidemic areas fighters against virus and death, then we can say that medical workers like Dr. Li are safeguarding a battlefield with no smoke of gunpowder. 

▲Dr. Li is sorting the outbreak data that needs to be reported daily.

Dr. Li said," Currently the county is facing its biggest challenge during the coronavirus outbreak-the lack of protective items such as N95 respirators, protective clothing, sterilizer and alcohol. What's more, it is hard to persuade people coming back to their home town to put themselves in quarantine. Some of the residents are not familiar with the outbreak and they still hold their luck." Dr. Li said that her greatest wish is that with the joint effort of all the people, the outbreak can soon come to an end. 

On February 3, World Vision donated 3000 masks to the township health center where Dr. Li works to support the local prevention and control of the coronavirus outbreak. So far, World Vision has donated nearly 50,000 masks to the following five counties: Luanping, Baihe, Ducang, Shicheng and Honghe. World Vision is now urgently purchasing more medical and personal protective items such as masks. (Written by Lily Li)


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