Staff Blog:The year of health means the year of happiness

January 24, 2020, New Year's Eve

One year passed with the sound of firecrackers. People drank alcohols together with the warm breeze of spring. The rising sun shone its light on thousands of people's houses. Those last-year couplets were replaced with new ones.

The New Year's Eve is reckoned as the busiest and happiest day of the year on which family members gather together to enjoy a reunion dinner.  Yesterday my husband, my kid and I drove one and a half hours from Du'an County to our home town - Shangzhi to have a reunion dinner with seniors of our family. According to the newspaper, many people who leave their home town for a living can't go back to their home town because the roads are blocked due to the deteriorating coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei.  We are lucky to have the chance of reunion. 

The New Year's Eve this year in our home town is as lively as last year. Residents are not much influenced by the outbreak and only few people chose to consciously stay at home. When I wake up this morning I stand close to my bedroom window and see people of all ages wandering on the basketball court in front of my house. Some are playing basketball and others are chatting. Children are having fun. Some people take their babies out for fresh air. With people of all ages cheering and wearing no mask, it seems like the outbreak is just "some crying in a faraway place" and has nothing to do with this isolated village.  The country doctor of our county closed his clinic and went back to his home town before the New Year's Eve. Thus, the county has no access to masks. A faint feeling of fear rises from my heart. We don't have any mask and the whole Du'an County's masks have been sold out. If the outbreak deteriorates, what're we going to do? 

▲The county is lockdown. 

My eight-month baby can't adapt to the new environment. To him, there are many ''strangers'' here. As a result, he is crying all the time. My husband and I have no choice but to take him to the riverside around our house where is quiet and relatively safe. His mood is getting better. 

In the afternoon, family seniors plan to have the New Year's Eve dinner at uncle's house. To remind them, I say, 'With the coronavirus spreading, it's special time now. My baby and I won't go there tonight because there will be many people.  The day before yesterday I took my baby to the hospital for a re-examination. The doctor urged repeatedly that due to babies' weak immunity they shouldn't go to crowded places in case of cross infection. We are safer staying at home. If you don't have to go there then try not to go. We should wear masks when going outside but we can't buy masks now.'' I hope that those seniors can realize how serious this outbreak can be and they can cancel gatherings for the sake of everybody's health.  However they don't take my words seriously. They think that people don't need to panic because there's no confirmed or suspected case in Du'an. Moreover, how can people call a year the New Year without having the New Year's Eve dinner?

▲World Vision staff, Wei Yefang with her 8-month-old baby staying at her village.

I have paid constant attention to the news about the outbreak and sometimes popularizing knowledge about the coronavirus to the elderly family members.  In this special time, the year of health means the year of happiness. I plan to visit my relatives and friends on the Internet instead of going to their houses this year so that we can all stay safe and healthy during the festival. People remind each other to go out less, not to dine together, wear masks and wash hands more frequently. 

I hope that the coronavirus outbreak will pass soon and we can go back to work and live a happy and healthy life.

Spring is around the corner. May all the good things come to us as expected.

February 8, 2020, the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the Lantern Festival

Today is the annual Lantern Festival, the 19th day of the national coronavirus fight and the 8th day of our home town staycation. 
During these two days, the news of suspected cases of medical workers in Du'an County has gone viral on the Internet. Numerous netizens are forwarding a proposal for urgent donation of medical items signed by ''Du'an People's hospital' 'This proposal has driven national attention to Du'an, a quite small county. As at 12 o'clock on February 8, 2020, there have been 13 confirmed cases in Du'an. However, the only hospital able to treat coronavirus patients is short in medical items. People are all worried about this situation. 

The medical workers are undergoing great pressure because the local medical level is way backward compared to the urban level while thirteen confirmed cases are all treated in the county hospital. They fight the coronavirus for us in the front line but they can't protect their own safety due to the lack of medical items. I shed tears and felt heart-broken when watching the online pictures of their self-made protective masks and shoes. Relatives and friends from other places call and send WeChat messages to find out if I'm okay. The outbreak in Du'an is getting worse and the medical supply is in short. They help forward the donation information and take part in the donation so as to make contribution to Du'an. 

▲World Vision staff, Wei Yefang with her 8-month-old baby staying at her village.

To contain the outbreak, Du'an carries out a strict control measure across the whole county and ban people, also their cars from going in and going out. The entrance of the village used to be busy and lively. Now it is quiet with every household closing their doors and people not going out anymore. In this way, human-to-human communication can be reduced. My husband received a notice and went back to work in Nanning on February 1. I'm very worried about him because as a member of telecommunication industry, he has to go to the hospital in Nanning which treats confirmed coronavirus patients to ensure the hospital has access to communication. The hospital is a place of both safety and danger during this special time. Every day I exhort him to wear a mask, keep distance with other people and wash hands regularly.

My baby and I stay at home every day to combat the virus. Luckily, we have adequate food and clothing. We have enough New Year's Eve goods and daily necessities. Also, there are fresh vegetables in the garden. However, what I'm worried about most is that there is only a half can of milk powder left for the baby. Now the city is in lockdown making it impossible to buy new milk powder. Therefore, I have to resort to my relatives and friends to find out who can help me buy the milk powder. Colleagues from the World Vision advise me to feed the baby more complementary food, which is feasible right now.  The number of confirmed cases across the country is rising and the Spring Festival holiday has been extended again and again. 

The coming spring is warming up Du'an. The flowers are in blossom. People can hear birds singing and smell the aroma of flowers. I hope the outbreak can pass soon and all the medical workers struggling in the front line can be safe and sound. May all the good things come to us as expected.

World Vision China has been implementing long-term child-focused area program in Duan County of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous. Since from the outbreak of the epidemic, World Vision China has kept close concerns about the spreading of the novel coronavirus. As of the midnight of 28 February 2020, there are 21 confirmed cased in Duan County. In order to lower the risks of local children and communities being infected during the outbreak of the epidemic, World Vision China plans to distribute most needed medical supplies in Duan County, including masks, disinfectants, Family Packs and protective clothings, and also advocate personal epidemic prevention knowledge, which was published by official authorities, through World Vision’s WeChat channel. (Written by Wei Yefang   Edited by Lu Zhenyan)


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