"I want to go downstairs to roller skate"

"Come on, Wuhan
Stay Strong
Behind You
You have the full support of our nation
Come on, China
Stay strong as you always are
The sun always shines after the storm"


Twelve-year-old Linlin was practicing a gesture dance following the dance moves in the video along with music. She was taking dance class through "cloud teaching". Because of COVID-19 outbreak, she couldn't go out to attend dance class as usual, but had to stay at home learning by video.

"Every time during Chinese New Year, our family will get together and have New Year's Eve dinner. On the 28th of the twelfth lunar month, we went out to have dinner with my grandpa and his family. My parents and I were all wearing masks." At that time, no trace of epidemic was found in the city where Linlin lived, so there were not so many people wearing masks outside on the streets. Linlin's father worked for local community health service center, and her mother also had a medical background, which explained why they had stronger awareness of prevention.

Linlin's family was planning to go on a road trip to Yunnan during Spring Festival holiday, but the plan was canceled as the epidemic became more and more severe. They had to save all equipment they bought for climbing the snow mountain for next time.

Linlin had a really full schedule on the staycation. She did her homework, watched TV, learned dance by herself, and even planted platycodon grandiflorum, mimosa pudica and galsang flower. She lived fully even staying at home all the time. "The galsang flower that I planted was dead. Staying at home works fine for me. I don't find it hard to bear, instead I feel really happy about this." Linlin said.

The school was supposed to open in the middle of February, but the date was postponed due to epidemic prevention and control. "I attended opening ceremony at home through the network. Now I take lessons online by TV and tablet." In order not to delay students' study schedule, the education departments across the country adopted online-teaching methods like "classroom on the air" and living streaming, which allowed students to study new lessons even when they were staying at home. Linlin said: "I like studying at home. I can eat whenever I feel hungry. I chat with my classmates on Wechat when I miss them."

When being asked if the novel coronavirus outbreak scared her, Linlin said:" I'm not scared, because I've been staying at home the whole time." As a medical worker, Linlin's father returned to work for epidemic prevention and control on the second day of the Lunar New Year. Stressed as they were, Linlin's parents tried to create a peaceful atmosphere at home and let Linlin live her life like she was on a normal holiday. Linlin's father did whatever he liked after work, which helped create a tension-free atmosphere at home. It was the reason why Linlin maintained a carefree and joyful mood.

Linlin's father had to do testing and screening in the communities besides going on duty. He got only two days off after working for nineteen days in a row. Linlin knew her father's work was not easy. She thought her father was awesome for making contribution to the epidemic prevention and control work. She also made her own contribution by making a poster with prevention measures against the epidemic and making a video to encourage everyone to take precaution in order to protect themselves.

"I wish the outbreak could be over soon. I want to go downstairs to roller skate." Linlin said. (Written by Addie Liao)

▲Linlin putting on her shoes and expecting go downstairs to roller skate. 


If you are interested to be involved in the COVID-19 response, please go to WV China's website in Hong Kong -  www.wvchina.org