Children Story: “I’m scared of being infected”

“I was a little worried about children in Wuhan getting an infection when news report said there were kids infected with novel coronavirus. I’m too scared of being infected to go out.” Ten-year-old Yueyue said.

Yueyue liked drawing, by which she expressed her own thoughts on the outbreak when people all over the country were dedicated to epidemic prevention and control. “I drew two pictures. The first picture showed hot dray noodles lying in hospital bed surrounded by various local specialties that came to visit. The second one was about patients being protected by doctors. Though these two drawings I want to tell everyone not to worry because there will definitely be an end to the outbreak.”

 Yueyue used drawinge to express her own thoughts on the outbreak

Yueyue and her family used to spend Spring Festival at grandma’s every year. They also had dinner together with friends and family during Spring Festival. However, this year they couldn’t get together with friends and family because they had to stay at home protecting themselves from the novel coronavirus and they were required to wear masks if they left the house. “I was really upset when I found out that I had to stay at home. I was not allowed to go on the study tour that I have been looking forward to since final examinations.” Yueyue’s mother signed her up for a study tour to Changsha before final examinations. Yueyue did a lot of preparations for the study tour like reading a large amount of materials about local customs and historical sites in Changsha.

Yueyue had a full and meaningful Spring Festival holiday even though she couldn't attend the study tour. Besides doing her homework, she also learned to make pizzas, egg tart, mugwort ciba, shredded cabbage and other delicacies. She helped her mother with chores like hanging out clothes and folding clothes.

▲Watering flowers helped Yueyue make ajustments when she wanted to go out.

School was supposed to be open in the middle of February, but the opening date was postponed due to epidemic prevention and control. “I would go to balcony for a breath of fresh air when I couldn’t resist my desire of going out. It helped me make adjustments by doing this and watering flowers.” Yueyue said. She had been staying at home for two months.

Students were required to have online courses because they couldn’t return to school on schedule. “I prefer studying in classes compared to studying on the internet because I can ask questions when I don’t understand.” Yueyue really missed her teachers and classmates. It helped ease the feeling of missing by chatting with them on Wechat.

▲Yueyue was doing her homework.

“I wish that the outbreak could be over soon and all medical staff could be safe and healthy.” Yueyue said.

Children might having feelings of fear towards novel coronavirus and staying at home for a long time may cause stress and mood swings. World Vision plans to respond novel coronavirus crisis not only by donation of anti-epidemic medical supplies, but also provide psychosocial support with special attention on mental health problem of children in quarantine in order to promote psychological well-being of children and their communities. (Written by Addie Liao)


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