Staff Blog: A Wuhan Person in Guangzhou

This Spring Festival is bound to be unforgettable to a Wuhan person who works and lives at Guangzhou. But I don't know what to say if I really have to...

Tickets for home were refunded

I booked train tickets on January 21 early and I planned to take my kid to Wuhan to spend the Spring Festival. However, the distance between plan and reality can be quite long.

Now I look back and find out that the earliest date of getting information about the COVID-19 is December 31, 2019-''The unexplained pneumonia in Wuhan has been officially confirmed: Quarantine is conducted.'' I put continuous attention on later news.  During the period, some relatives and friends suggested me not to go back home just for safety. But I haven't gone home for two years and I won't easily change my mind. Although I insisted gonging back home, I still felt a little worried. Therefore, I hurriedly had my kid injected the Influenza Vaccine and bought some masks and hand sanitizer to use our way home.

▲In Angela’s parents’ house, not only the refrigerator was stacked up with all sorts of food, but also windowsill was piled up with vegetables. 

Later, a phone call from my friend made me change my mind. That day was January 18. We've talked about this in Wechat and she also advised me not to go back to Wuhan at that time. But the phone call that day was way more serious than the casual communication on Wechat. I felt her worry of my decision in the call therefore I hesitated. After I contacted my schoolfellows who worked in Wuhan as medical workers, I found out that the virus outbreak was quite serious. As a result, I decided to tell my parents that I wouldn't come back home. At that time, my parents didn't notice any abnormal situations. Finally I decided to refund the tickets. I felt guilty because I knew I let my parents down.

Kinship and friendship under the novel coronavirus outbreak

On January 20, Zhong Nanshan confirmed that the novel coronavirus pneumonia can spread through human-to-human communication. On January 23, Wuhan started to be lockdown. How things develop is far beyond people's speculation.

This aroused heated discussion among the Wechat group of my best friends on the day of the lockdown. One person of the Wechat group is in Wuhan and others are just like me, working in other provinces or overseas countries with parents living in Wuhan. The only person in Wuhan works as a doctor. Due to time difference, there are 24-hour messages in the Wechat group: sharing the latest news, discussing the current situation in Wuhan, communicating the ways of panic buying staffs among e-commerce platforms. For a moment, various information flooded to us and we couldn't tell which one is the truth. Only the panic and anxiety really exists and our memories are still clear...

▲Angela working from home.

The supplies in my parents’ house are abundant because they have prepared a lot of food when I decided to go back home for the Spring Festival at that time. When I was video chatting with my mother, she happily showed me the supplies in the house and told me that the refrigerator was full of stuff and she planted a line of Chinese cabbage on the windowsill enough for half month. She also told me not to worry. However, I felt really sad when seeing the picture of the New Year's Eve dinner sending from my parents on the night of the New Year's Eve. A small pot of green vegetables, two small plates of stir-fried dishes and two old people, forming a picture of loneliness. I was the anxious one when talking to my family and friends. They were all quite positive. 

▲Angela would come back to office when she was needed, usually to help affixing organization stamp.

I'm waiting to go back home...

Although the outbreak in Guangzhou is not as serious as Wuhan we still stay at the home in Guangzhou and try not to go out. From breakfast, lunch to dinner, it feels like every day is the same.

Therefore, I start to find some errands to do at home like arranging stuff, cooking and doing bakery. Sandwich for today, cupcake for tomorrow and cookies for the day after tomorrow... It seems like my living potential is being activated by these days and this arouses my love for life in my small house.

▲Angela’s daughter using computer to learn.

My kid also feels bored staying at home. The voice of ''mummy, mummy'' turns into the background that shows up every time and everywhere.  The signing in of online courses and cartoons for entertainment have caused serious imbalanced time between outdoor activities and the using of electronic gadgets. Going to the park needs taking a bus, therefore the park is out of our choice. We have no choice but to take the kid downstairs to play balance bike for a little while on sunny days.

Now the outbreak is taken under control and everything is turning better. People are digging funny things and complaint in life during the "outbreak fight". Some time ago, I heard my friends chatting that we are going to miss the Cherry Blossom Season and the cherry flowers in Wuhan University will have to bloom alone. I think in my heart that maybe people won't have the chance of spring outing or tomb sweeping to show ancestors their grief on the Tomb Sweeping Day.

I don't know when the ship of ''Wuhan'' is able to pull in to shore. Everyone is waiting and so do I. We're waiting to come back home.

The situation of the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan City of Hubei Province is still severe. As at midnight of March 11, 2020, the number of accumulative confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus pneumonia reported by Wuhan recorded 49,986. The number of the existing hospitalized patients totaled 13,462, including 4,003 critical patients. World Vision China plans to donate 84 sets of most needed medical equipment to 3 key hospitals in Wuhan, to assist them in fighting against novel coronavirus, after learning their needs.  (Written by Angela Xia)


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