The Soothing Alcohol Disinfectants

Min, has become a community-based social worker in Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province, since July 2017. Usually, she took care of expense claiming of the social work station, children service and volunteers management.

Things changed as COVID-19 outbreak in China during the Spring Festival. In Yangjiang City, COVID-19 confirmed cases have been reported in the first 3 days of the Chinese New Year successively. Because of the situation, local government requested citizens to stay at home for quarantine. And that’s when Min and her colleagues started to join this “battle” against the pandemic.

▲Partner social worker Min, shares about her current daily work during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as how the disinfectants donated by WV had help them.

Since then, Min and her colleagues start visiting residents in the community at regular time daily, to help them take their temperature, distribute self-protect guidance and explain it patiently to ease them from panic, provide purchase information and teach them how to buy masks and disinfectants etc., as well as convincing them of reducing going out, and sterilize timely when they come home after going out. 

Time flies, spring vacation has ended, but COVID-19 has not died down yet. Education Department of Guangdong notified that all students of primary and middle school should participant in on-line education from 2nd March. After knowing that, social workers immediately do an investigation through phone calls and WeChat, that if all students who live in the community have the ability to take part in on-line education. They also provide help accordingly. For those who didn’t know how to use the on-line education application, social workers taught them to use it; for those who don’t have the needed equipment, social workers invite them to come use computers in social work station for their on-line study, and help them with their homework when needed.

▲Children who don’t have the needed equipment at home, do their on-line study in children center with equipment provided by social work station.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Min and her co-workers have serve children and other residents in community as best as they could. However, social work stations has been short of protective gear, which make social workers have to do their prevention works in a low standard of self-protect. Social workers began to worry that if social workers couldn’t have proper sterilized, it might leads to increased risks to children, because children have to come to the station for study, while social workers have to go out everyday to take temperature for the whole community then come back to station to help children with their study.

Fortunately, 101 community-based social work stations in western Guangdong received 75% alcohol disinfectants provided by World Vision, including the one Min works in.

▲Min inspect and accept alcohol disinfectants donated by WV. 

In recent years, World Vision has been partnered with 16 community-based social work stations in western Guangdong. World Vision has provided support on both professional skills and funding, to help social work stations establish caring and protective communities for children, enhance community members’ awareness as well as knowledge of child protection, and develop children’s life skill. After learning the situation our partner and their communities had faced, World Vision allocated in-kind donated disinfectants urgently to these social work stations, as well as purchased 150 bottles of 84 disinfectants for 57 social work stations in need.

With enough disinfectants, soothed social workers’ heart. They no longer feel worried or panic when doing their coronavirus prevention work. Min is rather happy, ”I am grateful that World Vision has us social workers in mind, and to fight by our side in this difficult time. Your action is like sending charcoal in snowy weather.” Now that social workers can do a thorough sterilization after they come back from daily visits. Children who come to children center for on-line study can sterilize themselves so that the risks has been effectively reduced.

▲During spring vacation, before the COVID-19 outbreak in Guangdong, college student volunteers tutor children with their homework 1-to-1.
Min went door-to-door to help community residents take their temperature daily. 

Though Min and her co-workers heart have been soothed by the supplement of disinfectants, the pandemic hasn’t died down, still clouds the worries. The residents in communities gradually go back to work as normal, but schools are still closed, children still have to be at home, and now without tended. Min hopes heartily, that the pandemic could soon be ended, the community as well as people’s daily live could go back to normal. (Written by Cassandra Li)


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