Quality Time, Alex Fong's Growing-up Story

What do we have to share with you this time? Alex Fong continues to share the story of his formative years with us. Quality time is the most long-lasting expression of love, a fact that is especially applicable to the parent-child relationship.

When we were young, we all yearned for the company of our parents, but what is #QualityTime? Take a moment to listen to Alex's sharing. Then reflect which moment in your life with your family is the most memorable to you?

In order to raise public awareness about the need for child protection, World Vision launched a five-year campaign entitled, “It Takes a World to End Violence Against Children.” Beginning in 2018, World Vision China launched a series of initiatives that have trained 10,401 children and 13,698 parents on positive parenting and have educated 601,747 online viewers on building love and harmony into parent-child relationships. Establishing an environment with zero tolerance for violence promotes the physical and mental health of children.