What is the real Gift Giving?

Between May24th-June7th World Vision China will launch its groundbreaking #5 Love Languages online series as one of several parts of World Vision's "It Takes A World To End Violence Against Children" global campaign. Our aim is to encourage and help nurture loving relationships between parents and their children.

When was the last time you demonstrated love to your child? There are many ways. It could be as simple as saying "I love you" or giving a hug. It could be doing a small activity or project together, anything that sparks happiness in your relationship. When family members express love toward one another relationships naturally grow in intimacy.

What are the #5 LoveLanguages# ? #Gift Giving#, #Words Of Affirmation#, #Quality Time#, #Acts Of Service#, #Physical Touch#. Every child has a preference to one or two particular forms of love.

Follow along with World Vision China as we explore the #5 Love Languages #journey together.

This is how Xiaohui wanted to be introduced: "'A girl who is sensible, optimistic, cheerful and confident." She is twelve years old and comes from a World Vision project community. Xiaohuil is growing up in a warm and loving family of four. Since she was young, her parents have never spoken badly about her. Reflecting on the most valued gift she ever received from her parents, Xiaohui says that it was a wonton that her mother gave to her.She shared: "The reason why I liked it is because my mom's never wrapped a wonton before. Not only was the first wonton that she ever wrapped delicious, but was full of love for me!"

Now, let's follow Xiaohui and learn about #gift giving together.