The Boxes That Makes My School Safe

"Uncles and aunties from World Vision China sent us boxes of disinfectants and hand sanitizers. Every student can clean their hands before they enter the classroom. Our teacher can also disinfect the classroom every day. I feel safe while at school now." said 11-year old Xiao Na.

Xiao Na is in Year Five this year. She lives in a remote village in China. World Vision China has been operating in the county where Xiao Na lives for more than 20 years, working with local government departments to carry out education, health, sustainable livelihood, child protection and other child-focused community development projects. The school that Xiao Na attends is among those supported by World Vision.

When China was hit by the coronavirus outbreak in February 2020, the county where Xiao Na lives was one of the worst hit areas in the that province. To contain the virus from spreading, the county implemented strict control measures. Mass gatherings were reduced and the public was asked to stay at home. Xiao Na's school had planned to reopen at the end of February, but it was delayed until May. Xiao Na said, "I was looking forward to going back to school, but the date was delayed again and again. I was worried that my studies will be affected, but I was also concern about going back to school and how to protect myself from the virus because there will be many people in the school."

▲World Vision China donated boxes of material needed by schools to carry out COVID-19 prevention measures before they can resume classes.

▲A World Vision China staff (left) and a teacher (right) checking the content of‘School Hygiene Boxes’received.

As the number of infected cases began to reduce, the eagerness for schools to reopen increased. Many schools started to plan for their “reopening”. To ensure the safety of students, schools had to source for material to carry out preventive measures. "We made sure we followed the requirements set by authorities." said Ms. Tan, Xiao Na’s class teacher. "Before we open the school, we tried to obtain hygiene products and other things needed to carry out preventive measures, but we needed a large quantity and there was a shortage of supply. World Vision China donated some items to us and the Government also supplemented some material. As a result of this, we were able to reopen the school smoothly. This also provided us more time to continue sourcing for material to use in the long term." 

▲Students have to disinfect their hands and have their body temperature measured before entering classrooms.

▲11 year old Xiao Na (in pink t-shirt) reading a booklet that contains information about COVID-19 prevention. The booklet was distributed by World Vision China. 

World Vision China was able to provide what the school needed by delivering a batch of thermometers and ‘School Hygiene Boxes’ that contained disinfectants, hand sanitizers, antibacterial solution, spray bottles, safety goggles, gloves, masks and other material. While delivering the boxes, World Vision staff also worked with teachers to share information with students about infection prevention measures such as practicing social distancing, proper hand washing methods and other ways to protect themselves from being infected.

▲A teacher disinfecting classrooms using a spray bottle and disinfectant donated by World Vision China.

After participating in the sessions, Xiao Na often helps her teacher ensure that her classmates are observing the recommended preventive measures. For example, she measures the body temperature of classmates before they enter the classroom, or reminds them to wash their hands and maintain social distancing. Xiao Na shares “I am grateful for the care of my teachers and the uncles and aunties from World Vision China. Let’s create a safe living and study environment together. I hope this pandemic will end soon and our lives can return to normal again.”