The Little Pandemic Fighter

Primary school third grade student, Jian, lives in a small mountainous village in Huangkeng Township, Suichuan County. His family consist of six members, including himself. Jian and his elder sister are cared for by their elderly grandparents while their parents work in the city all year round to support the family. 

In January 2020, the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus before the Chinese Spring Festival drastically changed the way Jian spent his school break this year. To protect himself and others, and to not add to the number of infected cases in the country, Jian had to stay at home during the holiday. To Jian, this was the best way he could contribute to the “fight” against the virus outbreak, "I prayed a lot during the holiday, I prayed for this disaster to pass quickly."

Even though school break ended at the end of February, school did not resume as before. Jian remained at home from February to May. He did not get to meet his teachers and classmates. Instead, every student in Jiangxi Province attended online courses set up by the provincial government.     

▲Jian can enter the school only after his body temperature is confirmed to be normal.

This very special extended holiday finally ended in mid-May, and school life resumed once again. Jian carried his schoolbag, put on his face mask and rushed to school excitedly. When he arrived at the school, he saw students queuing at the entrance so that teachers could measure each child’s body temperature. Information on how to prevent the coronavirus was also posted on the bulletin board at the entrance. Seeing the precautionary steps taken by the school made Jian feel safe. 
As soon as the students entered the classroom, they found colorful packages sitting on top of each desk. Jian opened the package with curiosity and found hand sanitizer, a towel, tissue, a booklet about COVID-19, soap and a thermometer in the package. Their teacher told Jian and his classmates that these packages were donated by World Vision China. They were told to read the booklet carefully and to learn how to use the items in the package properly. Their teacher then demonstrated the seven-step handwashing method to the class. 

▲Jian (right) is happy to receive a COVID-19 prevention Family Pack . 

As Suichuan County was considered a low-risk area, wearing a mask within the school vicinity was not required because the weather was getting warmer and warmer each day. Despite this, Jian still insisted on putting on his face mask, he shares, "I am young compared to the thousands of heroes fighting at the frontlines, but as a primary school student, I can help by not adding to the problem.” When he got home from school, this little “pandemic fighter” showed his grandparents the seven-step hand washing method and also read out from the booklet he received from school, so that his grandparents can also equip themselves with proper knowledge about the coronavirus.    

▲Jian (front) learns the seven-step hand washing method.

About the treat of COVID-19 pandemic, Jian said: "this pandemic made my Spring Festival holiday different from the past. At the beginning, I saw fear in the eyes of my parents and the village leaders. This frightened me. When I learned from the news that the pandemic was under control, people around me began to relax. Life slowly returned to normal and my parents were able to go back to work again. We went back to school and received gifts of love from World Vision China. Even though this virus kept us apart, love still found its way among us, as long as we reach out and care for one another, we can overcome anything together. I will persevere and work with everyone to fight against this pandemic, I will continue to practice social distancing as taught by my teachers and as advised on the news. I want to grow up healthy and to serve my country.” (Written by Xiao XiaoLan)