Use Family Packs with My Family

“There is one thing that differentiates most between our normal life and current life under the pandemic. It is that our parents always ask me and my brother to wash hands more often, and we cannot eat food before washing hands," said by a twelve-year-old boy Xiao Ze. Xiao Ze, in the fifth grade, lives with his grandma, father, mother and younger brother in a small village in southwestern China. Money earned by his parents as migrant workers can only make the ends meet.

The COVID-19 pandemic broke out in the second half of January in 2020. Due to the following national lockdown, Xiao Ze, already in his winter holiday at that moment, experienced an unprecedentedly prolonged holiday. "When the pandemic broke out, it seemed that nothing here became different. The only change was that my parents couldn't go out for work and stayed at home because of the virus. But I didn't feel fearful and played with my friends as always."

►Xiao Ze finally back to school.

The pandemic has forced the school to reopen later. As a result, Xiao Ze could only study at home. Not long after getting back to the school, Xiao Ze received a Family Pack distributed by World Vision. And each class received a Hygiene Box as well. "There are soaps, hand sanitizer, electronic thermometers and towels in the Family Pack. The Hygiene Box includes hand sanitizer and disinfection equipment. All of these are exactly what we need. My parents also tell me these stuffs can help us become less susceptible to illness."

►Xiao Ze received a Family Pack provided by World Vision.

"I was so glad to have the Family Pack. I took it back to my home to share with my family members so that they can also stay healthy. Teachers used equipment in Hygiene Box to sterilize classrooms ►every day in the school. Disinfection water smelled bad, but it provided us with a safe environment to study. I sincerely thank the kind people for their donation. I wish them a happy, safe and healthy life," Xiao Ze said. 


Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the biggest change Xiao Ze experienced comes from his family. In the past, only grandma could take care of him and his brother for their parents went out for work. Now they are trapped at home and spend more time with the two children. “My teachers have shared their comments on my homework with my dad. My dad has also accompanied me in my studies."

The twelve-year-old boy Xiao Ze, the eldest son in the family, has yet found out the impact of losing the source of income. “My parents tell me that it’s not safe outside, and they received the message from the place they work for to stay home until it’s safe enough. Currently, they are staying at home and doing some part-time jobs."

Although the pandemic in China is now under effective control, Xiao Ze still worries about his parents who might go out for work soon. “I hope they can work at safe places. I tell them to wash hands frequently to stay away from diseases." Xiao Ze said that he already shared what he had learned from World Vision's hand washing activity with his family, and he hoped they could stay healthy and safe under the pandemic. (Written by Gu Yishu & Lily Li)