World Vision held successfully training session for “Shuangbai Plan”

World Vision successfully held the first training session for social workers and program managers from the 24 selected sites in western area of Guangdong “Five Year Plan of Social Work Service in 200 Townships (sub-districts)“ in Guangzhou. The training session was held from 27-29 March 2018 on key subjects of program management and child protection.


“Five Year Plan of Social Work Service in 200 Townships (sub-districts)“ of Guangdong ( “Shuangbai Plan”), organized by the Civil Affairs Department of Guangdong Province, is a program to launch professional social service in eastern, western, and northern parts of Guangdong by establishing 200 social work sites in villages/communities and 1000 positions for professional social workers.

World Vision has been approved to start a three-year cooperation with Center for Advancement of Rural-Urban Sustainability by the Civil Affairs Department of Guangdong Province, the Professional Supervisory Unit of World Vision in Guangdong, China. The cooperation will focus on service development and capacity building for the “Shuangbai Plan” workers of Western Guangdong Province (including Jiangmen, Yangjiang, Yunfu, Maoming and Zhanjiang cities) in the field of child protection, through providing project funding and project management support. 

The cooperation is based on Ministry Framework’s Goal of World Vision:“ Sustained well-being of children within families and communities, especially the most vulnerable. ”To expand the impact of our work, WV plans to implement child care projects in 24 villages/communities in the western part of Guangdong Province in order to enhance communities’ ability to protect the most vulnerable children, to pursue well-being of children who live in catastrophic situations and relationships characterised by violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation, exclusion and discrimination. 

▲Trainees interact energetically with the trainer

▲Trainees take notes attentively

▲Learning skills of interview through practice 


▲Trainees having group discussion

Both social workers and zonal managers have learnt a lot in the training.
All the trainees admit that the training sessions met their expectation more or less with practical content which would be helpful to many aspects of their future work. They will keep studying the knowledge acquired and hope that World Vision could provide support and guidance for the improvement of their service continuously in future.


▲Summaries and feedback from trainees (part)

Apart from professional knowledge and skills, World Vision provided support on spirit, emotion, and core value in the training session. On day 3, Mr. Ng, Zonal Manager of World Vision Southern China has shared stories, personal experience and thoughts about his long time service in North-western China years ago. With the speech, he encouraged the social workers to strengthen their belief and bravely devote themselves to the cause.

Mr. Zhang, Chief Supervisor of “Shuangbai Plan” also anticipated in the training session. He highly praised the training, claiming it a positive influence on “Shuangbai Plan”.  He emphasized that what World Vision had shared on child-focus community development would be a considerable support to “Shuangbai Plan”.


▲Mr. Ng, Mr. Zhang and social workers

World Vision genuinely hope that our support will play an important role in both“Shuangbai Plan” program’s having remarkable achievement, and social workers serving better for communities in need, for children, for change, for life.