Student aid brings wonderful result

Winter in the north is cold and dry. As north wind blows, pedestrians on the road accelerated their walking pace, leafless tree branches swayed and made shrill whistling. In the crowd waiting for school off and picking up kids, Mom Mei, wearing a black coat, a hat and thick gloves, constantly stomped and stared at the kids coming out from the school and afraid of missing her girl. When seeing Xiaomei coming out, she immediately walked to her. A sweet smile appeared on Xiaomei’s face upon Xiaomei saw her mom.    

Xiaomei is 10 this year, however, her mom is already 73 years old. One morning 10 years ago, Grandmother Mei picked up a swaddling clothes in the village bridge and found Xiaomei inside. Since that day, Grandmother Mei has become Mom Mei and Xiaomei has been under her care until now.   
Xiaomei is in grade 4 now, she has to board in school because of the far distance from her home to school, and thus, it will cost more than before. In these years, the life at home depends entirely on Mom Mei doing farming work, and meanwhile, due to Xiaomei’s poor health conditions, the family’s financial situation is quite hard. In spite of the situation, Mom Mei still managed to give 50 yuan to Xiaomei for her living expenses every month. Thoughtful Xiaomei understands the poor financial situation at home, she is often reluctant to buy dishes at school and will normally save a dozen of yuan every week, sometimes more. “The kid is very sensible, she knows to save money and always to help with housework at weekends when she is at home”, said Mom Mei sorrily. When talking about Xiaomei, Mom Mei is very proud of her, “My Xiaomei is very amenable, she tells me stories before sleeping time, she can make stories by herself as well” and “she is very skillful with the housework she can do”. 

To save travel expenses, Mom Mei rides an electric tricycle to pick up Xiaomei every week. Riding about one hour to town on Friday morning, then recharging the tricycle for free in Civil Affairs Department, and at afternoon, she will show up in the crowd of parents before the school gate punctually. 

Informed of Xiaomei’s situation, World Vision decided to provide financial aid to Xiaomei. After learning about the news, Mom Mei said excitedly, “Very thankful for World Vision’s aid and I don’t need to worry about my kid’s meals at school anymore”. Xiaomei smiled happily, “I am very glad that I can continue my boarding life at school and meanwhile not let my mom worry about me. Thank you so much.”

After picking up Xiaomei, the mother and daughter set foot on the way home. A back view of an elderly riding a tricycle and a little girl carrying her schoolbag makes a special scenery in this cold winter. It is a picture of hope and love with the beauty of life, indicating that spring is coming...   
(Written by Zhao Wenjing)

Mother Mei pick up Xiaomei after school.