I want to be a person with magic power

“I want to be a person with magic power to conjure up a beautiful dress for my mom, and if it is possible, conjure up some snacks and toys for me as well.” This is the 5-year-old Xiaoguang wrote to her mother on Mother"s Day. 

In cooperation with local government, World Vision established a child activity center in the country seat to provide services for life-behind children and migrant children there exclusively. Left-behind children care and after-school reading activities have been organized regularly in the center.

Xiaoguang was only 4 years old when he first came to the child activity center. When Xiaoguang just arrived at the center, Xiaoguang’s mom told teachers again and again, “Xiaoguang is very naughty, he doesn’t like reading and learning, his father takes migrant work outside the village and nobody at home can take control of him. Please manage to put him under control.”

Xiaoguang is very naughty indeed. Every time when teacher organized children to read books or listen to stories, he made trouble deliberately, sometimes, he interrupted teacher to ask questions again and again and let the teacher no way to continue to tell the story. Without any choice, the teacher would take Xiaoguang aside and tell stories to him alone when other children are reading books, teacher would also recommend books to him and tell him not run around. Because only by doing so, he can show some restraint. 

Gradually, could not remember when it started, Xiaoguang has changed. He can devote himself to listening to stories and reading books. Xiaoguang said, “Teacher, I really like reading books. There are so many books in the activity center, each book has big color pictures inside, there are also books that can make a sound, 3-D books that can move and scent books that smell nice…… all these books are extremely interesting. Meanwhile, listening to teachers to tell us stories, I am so happy that I feel like I am about to die, and I tell the stories I heard to my mom as well.”

One day, Xiaoguang was very happy to tell his teacher that his daddy came back. It turned out that Xiaoguang is going to be a brother, Xiaoguang’s father deliberately hurried back because he worried that Xiaoguang would not accept the fact and he was prepared to make explanations to Xiaoguang to ask his understanding. Beyond the expectation, Xiaoguang was very happy and he said, “Well, you look down me, you should know I have already read many books and listened to a lot of stories, for example, the story of “Because you are brother” let me understand that being a brother is very prestigious and can protect my little sister; “Xiaoxi got angry” let me feel that when there are brothers and sisters at home, they can make my happy when I am angry…” In one breath he gave his mother a lot of stories about siblings. Xiaoguang’s mom suddenly felt that her Xiaoguang has grown up. 

On this year"s Mother"s Day, teachers in the activity center told children a lot of stories about mother and led children to make thanksgiving card for their mom. Because Xiaoguang is too young to write, he gave the decorated card to teacher and asked the teacher to write down what he wants to send to his mother. Xiaoguang’s mom, who came to pick Xiaoguang up, cried when she got the card and she said, “We always think he was still young and very naughty, his grandpa and I only know to reprimand him and never concern about his thoughts. When my child became a little bookworm from a naughty kid we thought and when he told stories to his mom and knew how to take care of others, I realized that the way I love him before was so wrong. Later, I should learn from teachers, spend more time on reading with my child, tell him stories, and let him enjoy the fun that books bring to him. I should also learn from my kid, I want to become a magic mom as well to turn my kid into a happy angel.”  (Written by Chen Yanping)

Xiaoguang shows his handmade work.

Xiaoguang shares his happy story with his friends.