First children participation activity on INSPIRE: seven strategies for ending violence against children was held

On December 15, 2018 – first children participation activity on INSPIRE: seven strategies for ending violence against children was held in Wuding County, Yunnan Province.

►Ice breaking session

World Vision China’s five year campaign on Ending Domestic Violence Against Children isbased on the WHO-led INSPIRE: Seven strategies for ending violence against children. From ensuring the enforcement of child-focused laws, to promoting positive parent-child relationship and providing soci-economic assistance, INSPIRE strategies are based on the best available evidence and represent proven effective approach to ending violence.

World Vision China, as a child –focused organization, has brought the INSPIRE package into the community we serve for the very first time.  A total of 24 children gathered and were sensitized through a child-friendly animation of INSPIRE, featuring Ari. Around the world, a child like Ari can be exposed to violence even in his community. Creating safe public spaces for children is important and it a right to play and participate fully in family culture and social life.  In school, children like Ari can be at risk of violence when they haven’t completed the studies, or even just being tired and hungry. It is the right of all children to live and learn free from fear. When things do go wrong for a child like Ari, access to help and support is important.

►Children viewing the animation of Ari

Children were led to put themselves into the shoes of Ari and come up with their ideal scenario in their villages, families, schools and among their circle of friends. These ideals were further categorized into INSPIRE’s seven strategies.

►Children drawing out elements of their ideal villages, families, schools and circle of friends

The activity has allowed World Vision to understand the expectations of children on each of the seven strategies on preventing and responding violence against children in China.  These inputs will serve as practical guidance and reference for World Vision in “It Takes A World” Campaign on Ending Violence Against Children. Children’s voices will be reflected and shared among key stakeholders during the subsequent It Takes A World events. 


►Children participation of the INSPIRE: seven strategies against violence

Each child has a right to a childhood free form violence.  World Vision will continue its work on child protection in China to contribute to the global commitment to ending violence against.