My School Life is Interesting

“Everybody come and see! World Vision is sending us many new desks and chairs, and even new toys!” 5-year-old Fei Fei followed her classmates to rush out of the classroom. Then she saw World Vision workers, teachers and some students were checking and accepting the teaching facilities which World Vision donated to their kindergarten.

The students were all excited about the new desks, chairs and toys. They kept asking their teacher, “Are these really for us?” “Can we play these toys right now?” The teacher answered, “Yes, you can. These things are presented to us by kind people in the society.”

The children are excited about the new desks. They all run out of the classroom to have a look at the new desks.

With the teachers’ permission, the students all picked up the toys and jumped for joy. Fei Fei was very excited, “Wow! How beautiful the desks are!” She picked up a favorite toy and played with her little fellows around the desk.

Fei Fei lives with her grandparents in a small village of Xiangzhou County. Her parents do migrant works to support Fei Fei and her sister’s schooling fees and afford their basic necessaries. 5-year-old Fei Fei has learned to help her grandparents with housework. Her grandparents have no extra money to buy her toys, so Fei Fei has no toy or her own desk.

When Fei Fei were at the age of entry for kindergarten, she entered the public kindergarten in her village. There were only 30 students in the kindergarten this year. Due to the short of funds, the kindergarten had to keep using the old plastic desks and chairs even some of them were broken. Knowing the situation from school teachers, World Vision subsidized the school with new desks, chairs and toys, hoping to improve school facility and enable the students to study, live, and play in a better environment. 

Fei Fei (in pink) is playing new toys with her fellows around the new desk. They are all very happy.

Fei Fei likes drawing, especially after having a new desk. She said excitedly, “The new desk and chair are stable. Without cracks on the desk, my paper will not be pierced when I am drawing, and my hands will not be scratched anymore.” Each student in the classroom has got a new desk and chair. They were all very happy.

Fei Fei (second right) is playing new toys with her fellows.

Last year, World Vision equipped the kindergarten with a batch of outdoor mattresses. Now the children like to play their new toys on the mattresses together. Fei Fei said, “This is the first time I play this kind of assemble model toy. You see! We have fish, rabbits and trees here! I like playing toys with my classmates at school. But I like riding rocking horse the most. Riding a rocking horse on the mattresses makes me feel like riding a real horse on the grass land, which I saw on TV.”

She is getting more and more interested in her school life. And she realizes that she is cared by many people besides her parents. (written by Lu Zhenyan)