Three years for Anti-domestic violence law || child protection, we are in action

Three years ago, the Anti-Domestic Violence Law of the People's Republic of China was officially implemented. As China's first special legislation on domestic violence, it clarifies the definition of domestic violence, the primary responsibility of the state and the role of social organization, and also allows the state and society to intervene in traditional "domestic matters".

As a child-focused development organization, we pay special attention to the implementation of the law on special protection for minors. In recent years, we have carried out various activities related to child protection as well, and planned a series of reports in the startup month of the “It takes a world to end violence against children” campaign.


“The view that domestic violence is a family issue has fallen behind the times!” 

According to an online survey conducted by World Vision in November 2018, 95% of the participants thought that “An upright official could not settle a family issue easily, or an outsider has no right to intervene in the family issues” is wrong or should depend on the situation. 

If we don't want that the "Anti-Domestic Violence Law" stays on paper, improving the awareness of the whole society on anti-domestic violence is crucial. Zhang Rongli, an associate professor in the Law Department of China Women's University, said: "The traditional thinking that domestic violence is a family issue and it may be improper to intervene in it has been abandoned by the times.”


Do you know how to make contributions to protecting children from domestic violence?

According to the research report of Beijing Yuanzhong Gender Development Center on the implementation of the “Anti-Domestic Violence Law” in three places at the end of 2016, the level of emphasis and implementation of the mandatory reporting system and custody revocation system closely related to minors is not high compared with the warning system and personal safety protection order stipulated by the law.

In January 2019, Yunnan Province promulgated the "Measures for Implementing the Mandatory Reporting System of Domestic Violence in Yunnan Province", which included the assessment of domestic violence risks and the household investigation after the violence reporting to the police into the police operational practices of the public security organs, and meanwhile, made it clear that the Women's Federation should coordinate relevant departments to deal with the issue and refine the specific process of the mandatory report.

Actively explore the joint-acting of multi-department

The characteristics of domestic violence determine that the issue can only be settled through the cooperation between different departments. Establishing a multi-department joint-acting mechanism at the local level is crucial for timely and accurate handling of the case.

In cooperation with partners, World Vision has organized a “Multi-Department Anti-Domestic Violence Experience Exchange Meeting” in Shenzhen, which shared the multi-department joint-acting experiences in Baoan District and provided an exchange platform for multi-department joint-acting practices across the country.

Anti-domestic violence, please start with family education

Once a domestic violence occurs, it will cause irreparable injury to the child. To prevent domestic violence from happening, stop physical punishment and abusive education is the only way. World Vision will actively promote positive parenting styles among parents and create a warm family atmosphere for children

The Anti-Domestic Violence Law also stipulates that the guardianship qualification can be revoked in the case of a particularly serious domestic violence. Fu Kan, secretary-general of the Chinese Women's Prosecutors Association, mentioned in her recent interview on the third anniversary of the implementation of the law that the judicial relief will try to provide “one-stop” services for child victims, and meanwhile, provide psychological counseling for them. In view of the importance of the original family to the child's growth, we should try to provide parent-child relationship repair counseling, and make the revocation of the guardian as the last choice. The whole society should follow the principle of maximizing children's interests, and no matter the specific implementation of the law or the implementation of the project, we should consider from children's perspectives and learn about children's thoughts so as to provide the most appropriate arrangements for their lives.