Guangxi Charity System Visited World Vision Project Sites in Shaanxi Province and Attended 2018 Guangxi Project Exchange Meeting

World Vision and Mr. Liang Yeyong, the Secretary General of Guangxi Charity Federation, led a group of twenty-four people to visit World Vision project sites in Yangxian County, Shaanxi Province from 27th to 28th November 2018, with focus on the work of “children centers”. After the visit, the group attended 2018 Guangxi Project Exchange Meeting on the morning of 29th November.
▲ World Vision and Mr. Liang Yeyong led a group of twenty-four people to visit Silang Central Primary School in Yangxian County
During the learning trip, the group has paid visit to Silang Central Primary School, Chengxi Primary School, Bailu Village and Huaishuguan Town Central Primary School in Yangxian County. The visitors concentrated on learning local experience on running a children center. In Silang Central Primary School, their children center was set up based on different functional rooms. The visitors have been to Music room, science and technology room, painting and calligraphy room and grass art exhibition room with local characteristics. There were one or two children standing in each functional room and made a brief introduction. The visitors spoke in praise of the children’s courage and expression ability.
▲ Some visitors took a photo with the children who gave a vivid introduction of the functional room in Silang Central Primary School
In Chengxi Primary School, the visitors went to the school’s safety education room, children’s activity center and children’s reading room, and well knew the construction of the children center and the activities launched from the teacher in charge. Mr. Liang Yeyong spoke highly of the school’s efforts to take care of left behind children.
▲ Mr. Liang Yeyong (front) visited the reading room in Chengxi Primary School
▲ In the safety education room, Mr. Liang Yeyong (first right ) experienced learning through playing an electronic game
In Bailu Village of Yangxian County, the members of community adult group for children protection shared their growth after participated in the group activity. They have learnt and knew how to communicate with their children and established sound mutual relationships.
▲ Ms. Zhang (first left), a member of community adult group for children protection shared her successful experience in building sound relationships with her child
▲ A group photo after meeting with the members of community adult group for children protection
On the morning of 29th November, World Vision and Guangxi Charity System jointly held Guangxi Project Exchange Meeting. The project managers of World Vision Guangxi Representatives Office reported the project progress and effectiveness to the visitors of Guangxi Charity System, and counterparts made positive comments on our work and efforts in service for vulnerable group. They also put forward feasible suggestions and provided guidance for our ministry in Guangxi in the future.
▲ The visitors of Guangxi Charity System listened carefully in the meeting
▲ Ye Yongji (third right), Deputy Director of Laibin Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, shared his opinions and put forward his suggestion