World Vision conducted rapid need assessment for Sichuan quake survivors

At 21:19 on 8 August, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit Jiuzhaigou County in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. As of 21:00 on August 11, the earthquake had killed 24 people and injured 493 and a large number of houses collapsed and damaged.
A rapid assessment team from World Vision had arrived in Jiuzhaigou County to conduct preliminary disaster assessment, including the child protection situation in the disaster area. 

“Children are the vulnerable groups in disasters.  As a child-focused relief and development organization, World Vision pays special attention to the urgent needs of children affected by disasters. We will work with our partners to provide safe venues for children to gather, play and learn while  psychosocial support is available for the children and family.” said Victor Kan, National Director of World Vision China.

World Vision plans to set up “Child Friendly Space” in the disaster area to help children gradually resume their social life with their peers,  and  distribute Child Friendly Kits and other materials. World Vision also considers the needs of students as schools are about to resume classes soon.  Further assessments on the needs of relevant parties are also conducted.

World Vision staff in home visit to assess the needs of people affected by the quake.

 World Vision staff distributing Child Friendly Kits to children affected by the quake.

Child Friendly Kits contain  various toys, including game chess, kaleidoscope, top, skipping rope, stickers, etc.. Children are very glad to receive them .