World Vision distributes 3.2 million yuan of disaster relief supplies in Hunan

In the morning on Sept. 12, World Vision’s Hunan flood donation ceremony was held in Hunan Provincial Civil Affairs Department. To help local disaster victims to rebuild their homes, WV donated 545,040 kg of rice, 4,000 quilts and other materials, with a total value of 3.2 million yuan, to Hunan Charity Federation.

Victor Kan, director of the World Vision China Office, Yu Yue, deputy inspector of Hunan Provincial Civil Affairs Department, Yan Yuen, vice director of Administration Office of Overseas NGOs of Hunan Public Security Department, Chen Qun, deputy director of Hunan Social Organization Administration, Liao Jianbo, secretary-general and office director of Hunan Charity Federation, and Wei Liuqing, senior staff of Social Welfare and Charity Promotion Section of Hunan Civil Affairs Department, attend the donation ceremony.

In the ceremony, Yu Yue, deputy inspector of Hunan Provincial Civil Affairs Department, accepted the donation of World Vision on behalf of Hunan Charity Federation, and meanwhile, issued honorary certificate and donation commemorative plaque to Victor Kan, director of the World Vision China Office.

Since this June, Hunan Province has been hit by a rainfall process with the longest duration, the most extensive coverage, the biggest amount of precipitation and the strongest intensity in recent years, which caused catastrophic floods. After the disaster, World Vision immediately sent staff to Anhua County and Taojiang City in Hunan Province to assess the disaster situation. According to the introduction of Zhang Jin, senior emergency relief director of World Vision, World Vision will work together with Hunan Charity Federation to release disaster relief supplies in heavily affected Taojiang, Anhua and Lianyuan, and about over 40,000 people are expected to be benefited.

As an international disaster relief and development organization, World Vision has been committed to conducting emergency relief in disaster-affected areas and poverty alleviation in poverty-stricken areas. In 1998, World Vision firstly cooperated with Hunan Charity Federation to carry out disaster relief activities. In recent year, World Vision has gradually increased its donation to Hunan and launched a lot of programs in aspect of disaster relief, save the autism children, reconstruction of schools in disaster-affected areas, etc. From 2008 to now, World Vision has already donated 32.63 million yuan to Hunan Province in total.