Migrant Children

With urbanization development, more and more children from rural villages would move to study and live in cities following their parents. They become “Migrant Children” and we saw their developmental needs.

One of World Vision China’s national strategies is to improve the wellbeing of vulnerable children in urbanized regions. Since 2001, World Vision has launched the “Migrant Children Program” in Guangzhou and Foshan, cities with high migrant population densities. Through innovative professional social service mode and cooperation with social workers organizations, and government organizations, work are done in response to the living needs of migrant children in cities.

The program established four children’s centers in these two cities, to provide service to migrant children and their families in aspects of safe, integrated, educational and charity work, devoted to promote the wellbeing of migrant children.

World Vision has also launched migrant children programs in other cities and provinces including:

  • Beijing Migrant Children Project: Through community service, capacity building, volunteer development, and public education, the project assists incoming migrant workers and their children to live and develop in a harmonic environment with self-confidence;
  • Yunnan Xieshou Center (Meaning Hand-in-hand) Project: Yunnan Xieshou Center is a NGO mainly serves migrant children and their families living in poverty and hardships. The center aims to improve the education, health and living conditions of migrant children and their families through professional social work initiatives, which will contribute to the wellbeing of the children and their inclusion in the community;
  • Guangxi Migrant Children Project: Under this project, children’s centers are established within urban-villages to provide migrant children in the communities a safe place to play and having activities at. Two centers were established in between 2012 and 2015;
  • Xi’an Children’s Center Project: The center cooperates with social associations, to mobilize the community and social power to care for migrant children. The project provides a platform for children and their families in the community to enjoy service and activities at. There are various forms of activities being conducted to promote the wellbeing of children and the practice of their rights.

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