Caterpillar become butterfly

11-year-old Xiaoxue was born in the city of Zhaotong, Yunnan Province. She could have a very happy life with parents, but the loving family was destroyed by drugs and disease not long after her birth.

The second year after Xiaoxue's birth, her father was addict to drugs, and spent all the money. Her father became very emotional, and almost became a very different person, always beating and scolding Xiaoxue and her mother. Because of being abused too often, Xiaoxue’s health got affected, both mentally and physically. For the daughter's sake, the mother took Xiaoxue away to Kunming, the provincial capital of Yunnan. They two live and depend on each other, and it’s now the 4th year they’ve been in Kunming.

Xiaoxue can only study in private school, as their poor income and some other reasons. Her mother is less educated and with no professional skills, so she has no choice but sell rice pancake to make a living and cover daughter's tuition. Their life is very hard.

Even so, bad luck still comes for them. From last year, Xiaoxue always felt uncomfortable in her stomachache, and keep vomiting. She was diagnosed with serious gastritis. They poor family could not afford the expense treating expense, nor do they have any relatives to rely on.

After learning Xiaoxue's situation from her school, Xieshou Centre, counterparts of World Vision, responsed immediately. The center provided a series of supporting service and also a temporary relief fund of 2000rmb to Xiaoxue and her mother, to relief their burden. After the timely treatment in hospital, Xiaoxue's situation got stable. Meanwhile, the center keep providing follow service to the family, enable appropriate guidance to Xiaoxue's emotion and mental development. Under these efforts, Xiaoxue is becoming more positive and optimistic, and the bad effects of family violence gradually faded away.

Families like Xiaoxue's are not rare in migrant community. When providing service in such community, similar kind of emergent family issues often come up, such as the unexpected serious illness of family member, accident during working, relatives pass away etc. Such accidents can always easily knock down the not well off migrant families, who are lacking of resilience and resistance. To help them get through the difficulties, Xieshou Centre carry out services including emergency and temporary relief, personal case follow up, child friendly space, and community care, etc.

Now, Xiaoxue's campus life is enriched by joining in child friendly space and community festival events, her hobby are well developed. Xiaoxue said, “I like painting, reading, especially history”.

(Written by Hu Huan Xin)