Make Persistent Efforts

12-years-old Weiwei with Down's Syndrome had never reached the standard of the self-care evaluation that she usually needed help from child-care takers to take a bath and pick clothes to wear. However, her serious study attitude made a strong impression on teachers. With the recommendation of the teachers, she entered the training base to start studying and living there.

After one year in the training base, Weiwei tried hard to keep up with the training with her strong will and hardworking. She even became the best for cleaning work of baking class. She worked really hard whenever she did cleaning and her work result was recognized by teachers.

►After getting up every morning, Weiwei makes her own bed. She likes a neat dormitory.

Weiwei's ability of life skills has been greatly enhanced that she is able to take a bath and clean her room herself. Through laundry class, Weiwei learned how to wash clothes by wash machines and how to hang clothes orderly for drying; through hotel class, Weiwei learned the basic process to clean glass, sinks and towel shelves and could do it well with the tips of teachers.

Because of her congenital disorder, Weiwei's unclear pronunciation has been the barrier to communication. She often responds to people in a loud voice when they cannot understand what she said which weakened her relationship with others. However, children have been gradually familiar with each other in the base. Weiwei often talked to other children so they could interpreter her words when teacher didn’t hear her clearly sometimes.

►Weiwei and a volunteer worked together to make pottery, they crossed the barriers of language, and Xiaowei used the body language to describe the requirements for preparing mud ball and the size of square.

Over the past year that Older Children's Life Skills Training Base has been established and operated, all children there have enhanced their self-care ability. Care and encouragement between teachers and children in this past year helped Weiwei to become hardworking, optimistic and confident. As time goes by, it is expected that a better Wewei will appear at her next life stop.