The Boy Who Put down His Guard

Tao is from Sichuan, who moved to Foshan with his father and stepmother. He is a lively and energetic boy and it seems inevitable for him to cause troubles in school. However, having conflicts with teachers in the class, and threatening the classmate by an attack with hard objects is really a big “trouble” already. When social worker Missy He first came to the school, Tao was just like this.

At that moment, Tao was in the 5th grade. He had tense relations with his classmates, and even believed that violence must be met by violence. Since the third grade, he has been blackmailed and bullied by senior students after class, and his sense of insecurity was more and more intensified. He began to look for senior students to help revenge those who bullied him, he would also bully the students at the same grade. He acted just like a hedgehog to points all his spines outwards and threaten people who touch him with violence. He was alienated from his teachers and classmates because of this. He once confided to social worker Missy He, “No one likes me in the class, they all want me to leave the school.”

After learning about Tao's situation, Missy He started to help Tao reintegrate into the big family of the school. She offered chat with Tao and listened to his troubles, invited him to assist the social worker station to prepare and carry out activities so as to improve his sense of self-identity, and she also invited him to take part in the networking group activities to enhance his social skills. After the activities one after another, Missy He found that he is much more active than before, his mental defense has been removed a lot obviously, and he has become gentle all over.

Now, Tao who's in 6th grade can get along peacefully and happily with his friends in activities. During a group activity of improvisational story generation, he even stepped out to be the first to tell a story. His story was so vivid and interesting, which has won the hearts of the audience and attracted all the attention of the group members.

▲ Tao happily took part in group activities with other students


▲ Tao actively attended the domestic violence prevention thematic drawing activity