Happy Le'en School

I am Xinin, a child with cerebral palsy.  Due to walking inconvenience, no kindergarten wants to accept me and I can only go to the rehabilitation center to do simplex rehabilitation training with a school bag having story books on my back. The reason I carry my school bag is because that gives me a feeling of going to school.

My mom knows me the best and she understands that my biggest wish is to go to school. Fortunately, my wish finally came true. Last year, I was enrolled into Le’en School sponsored by World Vision and I was so happy. In the past, I had only rehabilitation training in my life; since I attended the Le’en School, my life has become rich and colorful, I can not only learn happily but make a lot of new friends, and I can also participate in various activities organized by World Vision from time to time, which improved my knowledge and broadened my horizon. My life and my mother’s life have changed dramatically. 

In the year that I attended the Le’en School, my mom said I became independent, my teacher said I became more confident, and the people around me said I am more polite. In the Le’en School, teachers patiently taught me a lot of knowledge on books, they also help me learn a lot of common sense, life etiquette and other things useful for growth. 

During the year, I have learned new things every day. I learnt simple addition and subtraction and applied them in life, and I could do account by myself when I go out to buy stuff with my mom; I learnt more than 200 new words and was able to tell stories to little kids confidently. Now, I can not only take care of myself, but also help with cleaning! However, what makes me feel most proud is that I can not only recognize words but also write them. The study in the Le’en School has built my confidence and my personality has become more outgoing than before. I always actively participate in inclusive activities of various themes organized by World Vision staff, steel myself in these activities, and play games, make handcrafts and draw pictures with other kids together. 

Except for learning knowledge, teachers also paid attention to my initiative, let me do my own things and only I do my things well I can help other kids. I am more diligent than ever and I am more willing to show myself now.   

The Le’en School is becoming better and better. We have a wealth of children’s books, modern e-learning whiteboard and adjustable desks and stools, and all of them are donated by caring people through World Vision.  These donated goods made our little classroom very colorful and I grow up and harvest change in such a beautiful environment.  My experience in the Le’en School changed me totally and also prepared me well for my first grade in school in the next year. I hope that the Le’en School can go on forever and more kids like me can learn, grow and change together in such an environment.

Under the guidance of the teacher, Xinxin describes the learning story to everyone.

With her mother's guidance, Xinxin draws pictures from her memory after participating the event.