An Interesting Sports Meeting

“Come on!” “Hurry up!” Chao Sheng dashed to the finishing line in the midst of great cheers. Most of the days in June are sunny and cool here. The first children’s sports meeting of Guangxi Welfare Institution was held in such a good day.

Chao Sheng is a lovely boy with sweet smile. He might be eight or nine years old this year. No one knows his exact age. As a leading player of his welfare institution, Chao Sheng took part in several games at this sports meeting, such as board shoes game, 20-meter dribbling game, tire rolling game, and one-minute basketball shooting game. He was active at the meeting, practicing or struggling hard wherever. 

Chao Sheng says, “I like basketball and I hope to have this activity next time.”

“Chao Sheng suffered from congenital heart disease. Though his heath condition, cognitive ability and expressive ability are improved after medical treatment, some of his abilities are still poorer than ordinary children, especially his self-management ability.” A teacher introduced Chao Sheng to us. “He may looks like 6 years old, but actually he should be about 8 or 9.”Children in welfare institution seldom have opportunity to have outdoor activity or make friends with people outside. What they learn about the outside world mainly comes from the class or TV. Therefore, most welfare institution children have difficulties in self-management and interpersonal communication. Over the past few years, World Vision supported several welfare institutions to carry out fellowship activities with each other, so that children from different welfare institutions could have opportunities to have outdoor activities, study and play together, and they could learn more self-management and interpersonal skills.

Chao Sheng (front) and his teammates are practicing before the board shoes game. 

This is the first time for Chao Sheng to have activity outside the welfare institution. He and his teammates have started training for the sports meeting since the beginning of May. Chao Sheng attends special education class, but he usually takes some training exercises for the sports meeting during breaks or at physical education class. Basketball is his favorite and specialty. He has made full preparation for the games and targeted at the medal with great confidence. 

The 20-meter dribbling game begins! At first, Chao Sheng is ahead of the rest players, but he fell over by accident when he approached to the finishing line. He got up quickly, picked up the basketball, and kept running. The audiences all cheered for him. However, he blamed himself for the mistake, and then he threw away the basketball, burst into tears and rushed out of the crowds after arriving at the finishing line. 

Chao Sheng (left) fell over in the 20-meter dribbling game. 

The teacher who leads the team ran after him, comforted and encouraged him. And then Chao Sheng adjusted his emotion and came back to prepare for the next game. At last, he did well in the one-minute basketball shooting game and won the third place. The teacher said, “We hope to take advantage of the sports meeting to help children learn self-management and emotion management, as we don’t have such opportunity before. I noticed that other institutions did well in guiding children to adjust their emotions. I think we can learn from them.”

Chao Sheng wins the third place in the one-minute basketball shooting game. He is very happy.

The teacher said, “Sports meeting is a good way to improve children’s physical ability. It can also help children learn the spirit of “friendship first, competition second.” This is the third fellowship activity held among our three institutions. Many children have known each other well and formed a friendship.” When going through the activity photos, Chao Sheng pointed at a girl from other institution and said, “I remember this girl. I have ever shared my food with her. I would like to have activity with children from other institution next time.”(written by Lu Zhenyan)