Relief and Rehabilitation

In times of disasters, World Vision is often amongst the first group of international relief organizations to take prompt actions in response to the disasters to response. World Vision’s relief team would go to the affected areas in a timely manner to understand the situation and the needs of affected people, and to distribute relief materials to them according to their actual needs. Reconstruction working plan will be worked out afterwards.

Reconstruction work will also be done, which includes construction of residential areas, schools, infrastructures (bridges, roads, drinking water facilities, small scale water conservancy facilities), and livelihood restoration (distribution of fertilizers and seeds), etc.

Since 1982, World Vision has engaged in various relief operations in China, covering floods, earthquakes, snowstorms, mudslides and droughts. During 1991 East China Floods, World Vision took immediate action and invested USD 5 million in large-scale relief and reconstruction work in severely-affected areas. Subsequently, there were different scales of natural disasters including flooding and earthquakes in 1992, 1994, 1996 and between 2000 and 2014. World Vision also actively involved in relief and reconstruction work. In 2008, more than RMB 360 million was invested in the Wenchuan Earthquake.

To diminish the impact of disaster, World Vision has been promoting Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) knowledge and actions in communities. It includes trees and grass planting, ditch and dam construction, school and community focused DRR drills.

World Vision partners with schools, provincial level charity federations; local government bodies especially education bureaus, fire bureaus, and communities to build resilience. A natioanl DRR conference, co-organized by World Vision and the China Charity Federation was held in 2013 where NGO workers from 31 provinces and 23 cities in China attended. World Vision also partners with Institute of Psychology of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) for emergency response, with a focus on child protection and psychosocial support activities.  In 2015, the first National Conference on Child Protection in Emergency was jolintly organized by World Vision and CAS, with over 300 participants from government, academic institution, I/NGO, veteran volunteers of emergency responses.

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