The Best Way of Parental Love

12-year-old Dan Dan really feels envious when seeing other children in company with their parents. The feeling becomes stronger especially when her peers get together with their mothers.

Dan Dan studies at Grade 5 this year. She, together with her two elder brothers, lives with her grandparents in a remote village of Sanjiang County in Guangxi. Her mother died of dystocia. So she always puts the blame of her mother’s death on herself. She really misses her mother. Her father, who has to do migrant work in Guangdong to support the family all year long, only comes back in Spring Festival.

In the past, Dan Dan often felt lonely and self-abased due to the lack of parents’ company and the economic difficulty of her family. She also found it hard to get along with her peers. For example, her classmates usually headed to the store after school to buy and share snacks together, but Dan Dan never joined them, because she had no pocket money. More importantly, she had to go home immediately to look after her grandparents and do housework and farm work by herself, such as picking tea leaves. Therefore, Dan Dan was considered to be introvert and hard to get along with in school. 

After knowing Dan Dan’s condition, World Vision paid home visit to know her needs and offer her initial psychological counseling service, hoping she can open her heart to others.

Dan Dan felt very embarrassed when she first met World Vision staff. But she gradually felt eased and started to trust World Vision staff because she felt the sincerity and real concern from the staff. She shared many thoughts and doubts about her mother, classmates, and her inner needs, which have troubled her for quite a long time. 

What Dan Dan really needs are her family’s company and others’ concerns. So World Vision staff set up an individual case following plan for her. Regular home visits have been paid to Dan Dan and her father who works in Guangdong has been successfully contacted. After communication, Dan Dan’s father said, he never realized Dan Dan had such needs before, but he will try to spend more time on her and pay more attentions to her in the future. Dan Dan’s father also expressed, even if he works far away from her, he will make phone calls regularly, so that she can feel her father’s love.

Dan Dan felt happy when she received the gift sponsored by World Vision.

World Vision launched many activities in Dan Dan’s school. World Vision staff also encouraged her to take part in the activities to develop and show her potentials.

“She has become brighter and more willing to play with other children than before.” Dan Dan’s teacher said. Lately, when paying another home visit, World Vision staff saw Dan Dan riding bicycle and playing games with some peers in the community. She noticed the staff in distance and then came up to greet happily. She told the staff, “I should not blame myself for my mother’s death. It’s not my fault. My mother will hope me to be a happy girl.”

Dan Dan’s father left her a mobile phone, and asked Dan Dan to call him if necessary. Now she usually calls her father and tells him everything about the family and her grandparents, and something interesting in school.

A bright smile spreads on her face, like a ray of sunshine comes into her heart sweeping away all her sadness. (Written by Lu Zhenyan)

World Vision staff paid home visit to Dan Dan’s house and chatted with her grandparents.