Children's companion #MoreThanJustAMom#

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From May 30 to June 1, World Vision and our corporate partners – IKEA Tianhe Store, Melissa & Doug, and famous artist Mr. Lin Xuhui- are launching the #MoreThanJustAMom# campaign. We will be releasing "Listen to Mom's Story" videos, "My Mother, My Home" parent-child online painting exhibition, and "Mom's Tips" interactive game, all centered on the importance of a mother's well-being, health, and personal needs that enables her to nurture the growth of her children.


The "Listen to Mom's Story" tells about the confidence, integrity, and strength of three modern mothers and the multirole they play. In addition to the above business partners, KFC Guangzhou will also join and support an online exhibition of the many creative artworks received through the "My Mother My Home" parent-child painting activity, created around heartwarming or courageous moments of mothers.