Life in All Its Fullness

“Radish squatting, radish squatting, after the radish squatting is cabbage squatting”. Xilu is playing with other children in the activity center happily with bright and confident smile on her face.

Xiaolu was born in a small mountainous village in Gansu Province and is in grade 5 in primary school now. Due to delayed treatment of fever in a very young age, Xiaolu’s intellectual development is some slow and doesn’t know how to get along well with other kids in the class; some students would make joke on her and don’t want to play with her.
“At the very beginning, she always sat alone in a corner, no wish to communicate with others and showed particular low self-esteem.” Xiaolu’s class teacher said.

In 2015, World Vision established child activity center in the school and every month there will be two thematic activities there. When the recruitment of group members was started, teachers asked Xiaolu to participate in. Every month, the school will organize various activities in the center, including washing hands, drinking boiled water, planting flowers, manual work, cooking, etc. During these activities, Xiaolu can not only interact with other students, but also parents would be invited to participate in the activities. “Your write your name wrong, you should write like this”, while saying Xiaolu picks up the pen and write the correct name of her little friend on the paper.

“I love to come here to participate in activities and I also enjoy myself in playing with other kid. The handwork my friends and I made with tree branches and button last time was posted in our classroom, which is a decoration of the classroom and I like it very much.” While pointing the picture, Xiaolu said happily. Xiaolu’s mom said, “Xiaolu often talks about her classmates and school issues at home, her interest in school study has been enhanced a lot, she also teaches her young sisters and brothers how to wash hands when she comes home, and the school life gives the child a lot of fun.”       

(Written by Yu Mei)