Little Environment Guard

11-year-old girl Xiaowen is a 5th Grade student in Suichuan County, Jiangxi Province. Recently, she became a member of environment protect group in her community.

“My hometown was a beautiful place with clean water and flash air. However, people here do not pay much attention to environment protection. Garbage can be found everywhere in the village. I grew up in the countryside and haven't got a chance to see outside. I don't know how to handle this situation. But I do hope to do something for my hometown”, said Xiaowen. The problem of environment pollution has existed for a long period. Although the community tried several methods, the situation had not changed much.

In 2016, World Vision set up child environment protection group in the community, in order to improve children's environment protection awareness through a series of activities. Xiaowen joined the group and was enthusiastic taking part in different activities, such as planting trees, taking photos, and making films to promote knowledge of environment protection in the community.

Through those activities, Xiaowen got a deeper understanding of environment protection. She excitedly shared her learnings with World Vision staff. “In the past, I knew little about environment protection. After participating in various activities,I get to know more information. Furthermore, I learned that everyone can make his own contribution to a better environment. Environment protection, start from me and start from the small changes”.

Xiaowen also shared the knowledge she have learned with her classmates and family, such as throwing rubbish into the trash, garbage classification knowledge, farming without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, feeding poultry without feeds, etc. The young girl hopes to rebuild a clean and beautiful hometown with her efforts.

(Written by Jiang Liuyan)