Here we go: World Vision rushes 125 shelter tents to aid floods in Henan

Last night (July 24), World Vision, with the support of SF Express Co. Ltd. (顺丰速运), sent 125 shelter tents from Tianjin to Xingyang City, Zhengzhou to assist flood relief efforts in disaster-stricken Henan Province.  



Since July 16, 2021, Henan Province has been hit by heavy rainfall. The Province’s Department of Emergency Management reported that as of July 25 (12PM), 139 counties (including cities and districts), 1,464 townships and more than 11.44 million people have been affected by the disaster. 63 people were killed and 5 people are reported missing.

Many villages and towns in Xingyang City have been hit badly. As of July 23 (8AM), the rain and floods has affected nearly 310 thousand people, caused damages to 21,223 hectares of crop, 10,032 hectares of land and 961 houses affecting 500 households. The direct economic loss is estimated to be about RMB 1.5 billion (approx. USD 230 million).  

In response to the disaster in Henan Province, World Vision donated 125 shelter tents worth RMB 1 million to Xingyang City. The tents has arrived in Xingyang today (July 25) and will be distributed to the hardest hit towns of Baoshui Town, Cuimiao Town, Liuhe Town and Jiayu Town.



This relief effort is supported by the Overseas NGO Management Office of Tianjin Public Security Bureau, China Association for Disaster Prevention, Pingdingshan Chinese Young Volunteers Association and SF Express Co. Ltd.

Rescue effort is ongoing in Henan Province. Shelter tents, tarpaulin, rescue boats, power generators, drinking water, instant noodles, raincoats, rain boots, mats, blankets and other relief items are still urgently needed.