A statement about website articles on “宣明会公益” (“World Vision Charities” in English)

Recently, there have been articles online with the headline “套牌宣明会公益被骗” (“tricked by World Vision Charities” in English) or similar references. The articles do not provide details about the company mentioned, or the involvement of World Vision.

World Vision is an international child-focused organization that serves vulnerable children, families and communities through relief, development and advocacy work. In accordance to the ONGO Law, we have eight Representative Offices registered in China and all our projects are filed with the local Ministry of Public Security. Our organization does not conduct financial investments activities or activities related to this field.

In the interest of protecting World Vision's brand, reputation and the people we serve, we would like to affirm the public that World Vision is not associated in any way with宣明会公益 (“World Vision Charities” in English).

World Vision China
8th September 2021