Established in 1950, World Vision responded to Qinghai floods in Mainland China for the first time in 1982. From 1982 to 2022, World Vision has been working in Mainland China for 40 years.


In these 40 years, we are fortunate to have many supportive partners who choose to walk beside us. We looks back on our work over the past 40 years, and has witnessed the improvement of children and their families and the development and changes of their communities. #40yearsForChildren












| Discretion:This picture says there were a lot of barrens. It is used for developing forestry. Now they have finished digging pits and they are hopeful of the future.

| Date:2001-3

| Photo by:Huang Cheng


| DiscretionIn front of the rubble, Xiao Cai shared with World Vision staff about what had happened during the earthquake.

| Date:2008-5

| Photo by: Anita Zhao


| Discretion:WV staff is checking the items in the Family Packs (with hand sanitizers, hand soap, towel, tissue paper and thermometers).

| Date: 2020-3

| Photo by: Elaine Zhao