World Vision's Disaster Assessment Team Visits Places in Jiangxi and Guangdong Provinces Hardest Hit by Floods 

Mr. Chen lives in a small village in Wuyuan County, Jiangxi Province. He is a person with disabilities and runs a small sundry shop. He shares, "The water flooded my shelves and washed away all the good on the shelves." 

▲Mr. Chen (left) told World Vision staff that his house was flooded in water. Although the water has receded, the watermark is still visible on the walls.

Heavy rainfall has affected southern parts of China, particularly Guangdong, Jiangxi, Guangxi, and Hunan. World Vision China deployed teams to Wuyuan County and Ganxian District of Jiangxi, and Yingde City of Guangdong to identify vulnerable households and the needs of children and families affected by floods.

From June 18 to 20, 2022, Wuyuan County was hit by another wave of heavy rainfall. According to reports, 96,800 people were affected in the county, 9,487 people had to relocate, and 12,012 needed emergency aid. Seventeen townships were hit by floods, with over 800 road landslides affecting more than 100,000 cubic meters of earth and rocks, 12 bridges and 3,617 houses damaged. The direct economic losses are estimated to ve RMB140 million.

Since June 2022, many places in Ganxian District were also hit by heavy rainfall, resulting in severe flooding. Six towns and 106,000 people were affected, 14,602 people required aid, and 55,465.5 mu of crops were damaged. The direct economic losses are estimated to be RMB560 million.

▲ Sand and gravel bury crops when the flood water recedes, destroying farmlands and making it difficult to restore its usage for farming.


▲Mudslides caused by the floods destroyed homes.


“Climate change is causing more extreme weather. As the floods in southern parts of China recede, northern regions are bracing for the “heaviest” rainstorm. World Vision is committed to assisting those affected by this disaster, especially children and people with disabilities. As part of our response, World Vision plans to supply daily necessities to those in dire need in affected communities.” World Vision China’s National Director, John Teng, shares.

Preliminary assessment shows that those affected are in urgent need of daily essentials. World Vision plans to provide relief supplies worth approximately RMB200,000 to Wuyuan County and Ganxian District in Jiangxi Province. Relief supplies consist of 1,800 bags of rice (10 kilograms per bag) and 1,800 barrels of cooking oil (4 liters per barrel).

In addition, World Vision is raising funds to respond to this disaster and help those affected with food and other essential items. Yingde City in Guangdong Province is also severely affected. World Vision has sent another assessment team to the affected areas to assess the situation and identify needs.