The Longxian "Happy Homes" Village and Community Mutual Aid Project was signed

On June 28, 2022 morning, World Vision launched the "Happy Homes" Village and Community Mutual Aid Project at the Baoji Charity Federation office. The project will take place in 18 villages in Longxian County in partnership with Baoji Charity Federation and Longxian Charity Association. It will cover "child protection, health, disaster prevention and mitigation" work. An estimated 2 million CNY will be used to implement this project by September 30, 2025.

The "Happy Homes" Village and Community Mutual Aid Project is a platform project that empowers villages and communities with charity funds, helps alleviate poverty, promotes rural revitalization and explores grassroots governance. It was presented to the Ministry of Civil Affairs by the China Charity Federation for the record. The project will unite with charity associations of all provinces and cities across the country and cooperate with "Gongyibao”, an Internet public fundraising information platform for charity organizations specifically designated by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, to raise funds legally.