Warm Children's Home

When Xiaoshitou was one-year-old, his parents left home to take migrant work out of the village, and he was taken care of by his grandparents aged nearly 70. When his grandparents were doing farm work, he was playing mud in the field. Because no one could teach him to write at home, Xiaoshitou was boarding at kindergarten when he was in senior grade.

When I first saw Xiaoshitou, he was very cautious, his head lowered, his small mouth closed tightly, and his two small hands were nervously held together. When people spoke to him, he immediately lowered his head when his eyes met others for only one second as if he was a little pitiful.

When Xiaoshitou was in the 2nd grade of primary school, World Vision set up a children's home in the village. Auntie Li was a child worker in the village. After learning about Xiaoshitou's situation during household interview, she invited him to attend activities in the children's home. She cared about his study and life, and used her own mobile phone to help Xiaoshitou make video controlshat with his parents. The once incommunicative Xiaoshitou has become more and more cheerful gradually and made many new friends in children's home. When she heard that Xiaoshitou’s performance in Chinese is not good, Li planned to recommend some books in children's home to him to help him improve his performance through reading.

"Xiaoshitou used to watch TV on weekends. Now he is watching TV less and becomes more polite, and sometimes, he will say hello first to others. He always goes to the children's home whenever it is open. We also feel relieved about this," said Xiaoshitou’s grandpa.

"I will make children feel the warmth of home at children's home with the greatest enthusiasm and patience," Li said emotionally at a regular working meeting of child workers.

There are many child workers like Auntie Li who provides services for Xiaoshitou. They will enrich the lives of children with a vision, a mission, and unlimited love.

►Xiaoshitou and his classmates