A “Family Member” in the Distance

When reading the sponsor’s letter on hospital bed, tears ran down Yin Nian’s face. Although the 15-year-old boy has never met his sponsor, who is far away in Hong Kong, he always regards the sponsor as a kindly family member.

Yin Nian lives with his parents, brothers and sisters in a small village of Duan County, Guangxi Province. In 2002, 3-year-old Yin Nian became a registered child of World Vision, because of his family difficulty. In 2010, a sponsor from Hong Kong began to subsidize him. They communicated by letters sometimes, and the sponsor would send him gifts occasionally. Yin Nian was very happy to have one more close friend to share his life with.

In 2014, when Yin Nian was still 2nd Grade junior school student, his parents found a lot of ecchymosis on his body and he had fever repeatedly. He was sent to the clinic and then the hospital in the county for examination. Finally he was diagnosed as sever aplastic anemia (also known as leukemia) by a hospital in Nanning, the province capital. The doctor suggested an immediate allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation operation, which would cost about 500,000 RMB. The operation fee is an astronomical figure to the family who lives on 2 mu of corn and soybean and some part time jobs in village. They were so hopeless.

2017 duan yinnian01

After learning about Yin Nian’s situation, World Vision reported the issue immediately. The sponsor donated a part of the operation fee as soon as learning about the issue and wrote a letter to Yin Nian. When hearing the sponsor encouraging him to be strong and wishing him to return to school soon, tears ran down Yin Nian’s face.

With the help of many caring people, Yin Nian’s operation was completed successfully. He was getting better and better. When World Vision workers visited him at the hospital again, he was able to sit on the bed reading books and learning by himself. He said, “I want to recover quickly, so that I can return to school as soon as possible.”

2017 duan yinnian03 meitu 1

After backing from the hospital, he replied a letter to the sponsor, saying “Your donation is a timely help for us. With your donation, I could receive re-examination on time and buy medicine. I’m getting better now, and I can take care of myself for most of the time. I hope I can soon be back to the school. I will study hard to pay back you and my family.”

2017 duan yinnian05 meitu 2

Three years have passed since the operation, Yin Nian has already returned to school to continue his study. Although he still needs to take medicines, he has got much better. He studies harder than before. He says, “I cherish the chance that I can return to school very much.” He kept in touch with the sponsor by letter to share his life and study. Though they are far away from each other and never have they met, Yin Nian feels close to his sponsor. Like a guardian angel or a family member in the distance, the sponsor has brought him much love and power. Every time when he meets difficulties, he will become brave and strong at the thought of his sponsor.

(Written by:Zhenyan Lu)