A Magical "Dream House" in Village

There is a "Dream House", filled with the dreams of children in rural areas...
In a small rural village in Sanjiang County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, children's amusement park is the riverbank and mountain. The only convenient store is their "dating place". The space under the big tree at the village entrance is their secret base... The natural environment here allows them to keep their happiness and innocence, without sorrow and anxiety. However, some children said, "I wish to have a quiet place where I can read books". Some said, "I love drawing and I wish to have a teacher to teach me how to draw". Some said, "I wish to have a room with lots of fun toys".
To help the children in the village to have more resources and development opportunities, World Vision staff communicated with the Village Committee and found an unused house in the village, which has been transformed into the “Children's Activity Centre”. World Vision provided many things, such as bookshelves, books that are suitable for children of different ages, stationeries, projectors, desks, chairs, etc. As soon as the centre opened, many children were attracted and came here to borrow books or join the activities.

WV staff launched various kinds of activities in the Children’s Activity Centre and attracted many community children to participated in.

11-year-old Xiaoya is in fifth grade this year. She rarely participates in the group activities at school, and she seldom comes out and plays with her peers. "There is nothing really fun in the village", the introverted Xiaoya said it timidly. Xiaoya's mom is a volunteer. After the Children's Activity Centre being established, she becomes the administrator of the centre. She thinks the centre is the best place for children to play safely and have fun in the village. She also encourages the introverted Xiaoya to take part in the centre’s activities.
When Xiaoya took the courage and came to the centre for the first time, she was very shy and sat alone in the corner, farthest away from the crowd. World Vision staff noticed her and invited her to sit with other children and play games together. Although she was reluctant, she listened to the staff and found an unnoticeable place to sit down. To let her better join the group, World Vision staff helped her quickly get familiar with other children through a series of games. As she participated in more activities, she slowly started to have a good interaction with other children. A happy smile showed on her face.

Xiaoya likes to visit the Children’s Activity Centre and do reading and drawing there.

Now, she has become one of the little administrators of the Children's Activity Centre. She has taken part in many activities hosted by the World Vision, such as “Little Administrator Management Meeting”, “School Bullying Prevention Training”, “Video of Children's Voice”, the “Most Beautiful Corner of the Village”, etc. Gradually, she sits from the farthest corner to the front row and actively answers questions. She has been elected as the team leader to express her opinions. She also works with other administrators to organize the returned books and materials and helps the centre’s cleaning. Among these activities, drawing is her favourite! Once in the session of drawing, the World Vision staff asked everyone to imagine and draw the most beautiful place in the village. Xiaoya raised her hand and said. "Everywhere in our village is beautiful -- the fields, the houses, the drum tower, the children's centre... I can choose everywhere".

Xiaoya as a member of little administrators, participating in the daily operation of the Children’s Activity Centre. 

"Drawing is Xiaoya's favourite activity. The Children's Activity Centre provides her a place to draw and it makes her cheerful", her mom said happily. Some art pieces on the wall of the centre are drawn by Xiaoya and her friends.
For Xiaoya, the Children's Activity Centre is her "Dream House", where she can have the opportunity to explore and realize her dream of drawing. It has also become the "Dream House" for many children in the village. They might find a hobby by reading a picture book, or they might find their interest by participating in an activity, or they might want to make a change because of this "Dream House"...
In the remote rural areas, there are many children like Xiaoya, lacking the development opportunities and resources. Their voices are drowned by this rapid developing era. Let us pay more attention and enrich these Xiaoya's lives. (Written by Lu Zhenyan)

Xiaoya expressed her inner voices to her mother, her teachers and her classmates through video.