Happy variation in school

My name is Xuetao. I'm 11 years old, and I am now living with my grandparents, parents and little brother in a little village of Yunnan. We live in mountain area, where has lots of pine trees and squirrels. When summer comes, there are mushrooms everywhere. I love my hometown.

We live on the farmland and raising pigs. During slack seasons, my father goes out to work for a while.

My brother and I both study at the school in our village. World Vision helped us to improve our school building years before, so now it is quite beautiful and we all like it. But it is a pity that the relationship between the students is not that good. People always argue for tiny issues and senior students are sometimes not that friendly with the junior ones.

I told this unhappiness to uncle and aunty from World Vision, who always come to see us and know about our study and living. I hope they can help us. They didn’t let me down. At the beginning of this new term, they came again to fix our problem. They guided us to play a game and hope it can improve the relationship between us.

The game we played is called “The Unbeatable Wheels”. Students from all grades were mixed up and divided into groups. The group members should work together to build up a huge wheel with newspapers and tapes only. As the wheel completed, the members should carry it together to the finishing line. At first, we were so anxious and had no idea what to do. After trying for many times, as a team leader, I found that being anxious can do me no good, only by working together can we solve the problem. I assigned different tasks to my group members, some of which will be responsible for spreading out the newspapers, some for tearing tapes and some for sticking. Under the close cooperation, we completed our wheel very efficiently. We were so excited not only because we accomplished the mission, but also we shared the happiness of working together with “new friends”.

Later on, mutual help study group were set up in my class, encouraging us to help each other and make progress together. Teachers also started to organize games for students of all grades to play together. It was different from the past, when we only played with our classmates. And only from now on, I can confidently play with my little brother, who is in another class.

We are realized that our school has been changing, so as the relationship between each other. We smile to each other and play together. We even became closer to the teachers. I love my school!

(Written by Li Ronghua)