A Fulcrum

“I like handwriting, but no one gives me an advice. Each time when I submit my homework teachers will tell me my handwriting is so bad and I feel ashamed as well.”Shuangshuang said to me.

Actually, Sensen and Shuangshang are twins and they are learning in primary school in the project village. Due to hard family financial conditions, their parents take migrant work all year around and they have to take care of themselves. In their daily lives, except for learning, they still need to cook meals, wash clothes and do housework by themselves. The homework of the twins is always in carelessly handwriting and their academic performances are not good as well.

In 2016, the project established interest groups in cooperation with schools. Students can select interest class according to their interests and talents. Due to bad handwriting, the twins selected calligraphy class. Teacher Ma, the calligraphy teacher, said, “since they have developed a careless handwriting habit, they write many word in wrong stroke orders, and meanwhile, even simple strokes they could not complete them well.” The school tells the family conditions of the twins to the calligraphy teacher and hopes the teacher to pay more attention to the two kids.

Therefore, teacher Ma started to teach the twins to practice calligraphy step by step. Teacher Ma said, “At the very beginning, I started to discuss with other teachers to reduce the workload of the homework and leave them sufficient time to write homework carefully; at mean time, we paid great attention to kids like the wins, give them encouragement and build their confidence. After 4 months of practicing, Sensen and Shuangshuang have made great progress in handwriting.”  Teacher Ma also said, “In the second semester, we opened ancient poems and brush calligraphy classes, Sensen and Shuangshuang both attended the class from their own initiative. I often intentionally or unintentionally gave them thumbs up. The better they write, the more they like calligraphy, and now they have become the best two students in calligraphy in the class.”

 “Since they have a good handwriting, the twins build their confidence and quickly improved their academic performances. Last year, their scores ranked the last 10 in the class, however, this year they improved their academic performances so fast and ranked the top 10 in the class.” Their class teacher said delightedly.

“This May, the twins attended the city primary and middle school student talents contests by presenting their school and won awards simultaneously. Both won the first place in pen calligraphy, and meanwhile, Sensen won the second place in brush calligraphy. It is really incredible that only after one year they could achieve so excellent accomplishments” said teacher Yu, the school principal, with proud.  

Principal Yu also said, “Thanks the project office helping us establish various interest groups, which enriched the campus life of our students. The dancing class and chorus gave performance to villagers on Children’s Day, which were warmly welcomed by villagers; the students in calligraphy and drawing classes attended the county or city talents contests in each semester and won awards frequently. Limited by conditions, many rural kids could not display their talents and if they got a fulcrum they would give us a surprise. Teachers and parents both boast the changes of school and children like to go to school more than before.”

“Since participating in the calligraphy class, I have completed my homework carefully every day by following the methods taught by teachers, my handwriting has been improved and so did my academic performance. Very thankful for the opportunities World Vision provided for us.”Sensen said it happily by pointing to the award certificates when we meet him again.

(Written by Han Yingman)