My hometown

There are a group of children, following their parents from hometown to Foshan City with hope for the new life. They are surprised to find that there are not only unexpected fantasizing things but also trees, rivers and countryside in the modern city. When they are asked where they are from, the children may tell you that one is their real hometown, another one is Foshan. These two hometown are so far but so close.

(below are chidlren's paintings)


I have to move?


Children follow their parents to Foshan for different reasons. Some parents are looking for better jobs and career development in the city, and some hope their children to get better education.

Last year, my mom brought me to Foshan for my education and her career. When we are waiting for the train, my mom said, “I want to bring you to Foshan for development”. I replied, “Ok, I see”. As the train came, we get on together. (Xingmei)

Father said, “The learning environment here is too bad, and I will bring you to Foshan for studying.”(Zhijun)

Hong (father’s friend): Long, we are too busy working here. Would you like to come for help?

Father: Ok, Let’s do it! (Xiaodan)


Foshan, I’m coming


For the kids, Foshan is where their new home locates. When they adjust to the new community, new school and begin to make new friends with similar background, they gradually find Foshan is a special and charming city.

We take bus from hometown Shiwan to Foshan.(Zihao)

Foshan is a beautiful place for me. However, the river and the sea are polluted, and the grass withered as many people littering. A lot of foreigners come to visit Foshan. Of course, Foshan is also a place filled with tall buildings. Here, I can see them everywhere I go. Therefore, I think Foshan is a beautiful place for me. (Xuefei)

Foshan is a modern city with a long history. It is also a civilized city. In my mind, it is a clean and beautiful city. (Jiahua)


Return to the old hometown


It seems that the two hometown are separated very far. We need to buy tickets in advance to travel between these two places. But as there are family members and interesting things waiting ahead, the journey doesn’t seem that long.  

Guess how many kinds of transportation I need to take when back home? Tips are on the photo. (Jiajun)

 I take a train when travel between hometown and Foshan.  (Xingmei)


The paintings are done by migrant children of Foshan, Guangdong Province. They all accept services from Xiaohaixing Centers, which is set up by World Vision and local partners. In Xiaohaixing, social workers help the kids to improve their self-recognition, learn self-protection knowledge, and help them gradually adjust to the new life in the city.


(Written by Chancy Chan)