Care for Left-behind Children

Duchang County locates nearby Poyang Lake. Villagers here have been earning their living by fishing and farming for long. However, in recent years, water pollution resulted in shrink fishing and farming industry. Plenty of young people are forced to work outside. As the instability of migrant life, most families choose to leave old parents and children behind.

Children miss their parents a lot, especially when holiday and festival come. They always sit in front of the doors and gaze afar, with their depression and frustration easy to be told.

11-year-old Yingying is one of them. Her parents are migrant workers, leaving her with her old grandparents at home. However, the grandparents know little about how to communicate with the little girl, but only take daily care of her. So Yingying turned out to be very quiet, doesn’t like to talk, except the few moments answering the phone call from her parents. Sometimes, she even cries for missing her parents.

On the Dragon Boat Festival this year, Yingying took part in the celebration activity co-organized by local women groups and World Vision. She made dumplings, Zongzi and played games with the elders in the community. They enjoy the moments with each other, just like being with their family members. “I will tell my father and mother that thanks to World Vision, I had Zongzi this year like other children in the community”, Yingying said. This is one of the celebration activities World Vision organizes together with the community to enhance the relationship of community members and ultimately build a community with care and love for children.

Yingying was excited to show the Zongzi she made.

Yingying and her fellows learnt how to make Zongzi from community women

Supported and encouraged by World Vision, Yingying participated in campus activities and played games with her classmates. As time passing by, Yingying is turning to a girl who loves singing and dancing. Now Yingying has not only become a key role in performances, but also begun to learn singing and dancing with teachers and community women. Yingying has become more optimistic and is able to communicate with teachers and classmates. Now she no longer keeps the sorrows to herself. She loves chatting with World Vision staff and always asks when will see them again.

By organizing community and campus activities, World Vision aims to ensure left-children like Yingying can feel the love and care from fellows, teachers, and community members. And therefore, build up a community, in which all the members can share a tighter relationship with each other.


(Written by Shaocai Li)