Old classmate, new friend

When walking into the shabby house, Xiaojun was seen doing her homework. The little girl and her father seemed to be surprised by the visit of her teacher and World Vision staff.

After parents’ divorcement, Xiaojun has been living together with her father. However, Xiaojun has to take care of herself because her father is old. “I hope that she can grow up happily like other children, able to take good care of herself and become little more extroverted” Xiaojun’s father said. However, she seldom talked with others or played with her classmates. When other children enjoyed playing together, she always stayed aside. Her messy hair and dirty clothes makes people feel sad.

"People rarely came to my home", Xiaojun looked at us with a glimmer of cheerfulness which quickly disappeared.

World Vision staff and the teacher burned a pot of hot water to help Xiaojun wash her hair. Also, dressed up Xiaojun with clean clothes. "Now you need to learn how to take good care of yourself. Before going to school in the morning, wash your face and comb your hair neatly, could you?" a staff said to Xiaojun softly. Xiaojun nodded slightly.

Two weeks later, Xiaojun still sat at the corner, but with neat hair. World Vision staff hoped Xiaojun is able to make new friends in her class, as well as let others get acquainted with Xiaojun.

"Do you want to play a game?"

“Yes, we do.” Students got so excited.

"But it will be a game needs everyone to get involved", the staff said to them. Some children turned to look at Xiaojun and asked her to play together. As more and more children give a warm encouragement to her, Xiaojun finally accepted the proposal.

The staff distributed paper to each student. After filling up the table with information like interest and strength, they needed to stand up and share with the whole class loudly. Encouraged by her desk mate, Xiaojun stood up and said “I’m able to help my father cook. I like kicking shuttlecock and jumping rope.” “Awesome!”students were amazed and applaud for Xiaojun.

Xiaojun smiled, which haven’t shown on her face for a long time. "Everyone has their own strengths. It’s very impressive that Xiaojun can cook at such a young age." Staff encouraged children to discovery their own sparkle spots, as well as other people’s.

World Vision kept follow-up with Xiaojun. Staff accompanied her to play games and chat with other children, encouraged her to actively participate in campus activities. "Thank you so much for your love and support!” Xiaojun later wrote a letter to staff, to show her gratitude. Additionally, she was willing to introduce her new friends to staff. “She is more enthusiastic to answering questions and expressing her opinion at class”, said Xiaojun’s teacher.

“Xiaojun is much cleaner now. She was glad to communicate with us and offer assistance to others”, a classmate said. By home visits, team games and other ways, Xiaojun has built up good interpersonal relationship with other kids and rebuilt confidence.


(Written by Xiao Chen and Chancy Chan)