Danping’s dream

Hi! My name is Danping. I am 10 years old and studying at Grade four. It is my honor to be World Vision’s registered child. When I was young, my parents got divorced and my mother went out for work. From then on, I have been living with my grandma. I see my mother only once a year during the Spring Festival when she comes back. I am so desired to be loved and cared by parents, just like my classmates who grow up in a normal family.

I am a little bit autistic and don't communicate with my classmates often. The first time when I was asked to answer a question by a World Vision staff, I replied in such a low voice, just like talking to myself. I know I didn’t do well for being timid and lack of confidence.

When World Vision staff came for a home visit, we played The Treasure game, which requested each of us to say his own uniqueness. I found that our fingerprints are not the same, so as our interests and strengths. Then I realized that each of us is unique, no matter how we look like, how tall we are or how we perform at school.

On winter holiday, staff of World Vision visited my grandma and me again. They not only gave a beautiful scarf and hat to me, but also helped us with housework. “You did a good job!” Staff encouraged me to keep helping grandma with the housework to share her burden. I realized that I am able to help my grandma sweeping, washing dishes, washing clothes, and some other easy housework. When I can do something for my family that means I have grown up.

Soon the new school term began and before I leave for boarding, WV staffs came again. It was the fourth time they came for home visit. With their love and care, I learnt a lot and became more confident to talk with others. I was so grateful for their help.

“Danping, what do you want to do when you grow up?” an aunt asked me.

I dream to be a doctor. My grandfathers are sick and they have been taking medicine for long time. I want to be a doctor to cure my dear grandfathers to help them from the pain of diseases. I believe that my dream will finally come true with the help of so many kind people. Fighting, Danping!


(Written by Danping)

(Tutored by Qinqin Chen, and Lizhi Jiang)