"Anti domestic violence" training successfully held


June 28-29, 2018, the Anti-domestic Violence Case Management Capacity Building and Multi-Sector Cooperation Experience Promotion Training (hereinafter referred to as “anti-domestic violence training”) was successfully held in Shenzhen. Hosted by the National Alliance of Psychological Aid of the Institute of Psychology, CAS and the Psychological Crisis Intervention Committee of the Chinese Psychological Society, the training was organized by Shenzhen Pengxing Anti-Domestic Violence Center in cooperation with ShenZhen Non-Governmental Organization Federation and sponsored by World Vision.

Group photo of National Director of World Vision China Mr. Victor Kan (the third from right in the rear row) with trainers and trainees

The training was targeted at social workers who are engaged in anti-domestic violence in Guangdong Province or government institution staff who are exposed to victims of domestic violence. More than 110 people, including social workers, psychological counselors, lawyers, and staff members from women’s federation, civil affairs department and court participated in the training.

Women and children are highly concealed by domestic violence and different institutions in society are required to improve their sensitivity to the victimization of women and children.

The introduction of the Anti-Domestic Violence Law clearly shows that domestic violence is illegal, and the law also lists the rights and obligations of local organizations to intervene in domestic violence, which helps regulate and prevent the occurrence and growth of domestic violence. Despite this, we still face many needs. The implementation of the anti-domestic violence law requires multi-sector coordination, the public understanding of the anti-domestic violence law needs to be improved and the positive family education needs to be promoted in communities, etc.  

In view of the situation, World Vision and the National Alliance of Psychological Aid of the Institute of Psychology, CAS have carried out a lot of pragmatic work to support the promotion of the anti-domestic law and anti-domestic case management, develop complete research framework and practical method of operation and continue to promote the capacity building of local organizations so as to help them play their roles well in protecting the rights of women and children in domestic violence cases. 

This training has invited professionals in anti-domestic violence field in China as trainers. Working on legal, psychological and child protection areas, these professionals consist of scholars from higher research institutions and social workers on the front line.

Qian Wei, from the Institute of Psychology, CAS introduces the case management conversation skills

Qian Wei, from the Institute of Psychology, CAS has stressed the importance of assessment in case intervention when taking psychological counseling as an entry point. She expressed her expectations for trainees and future anti-domestic violence work, “I believe that with our joint efforts, the working capacity of the multi-sector anti-domestic violence team will continue to improve in the future.”

Doctor of Judicial Science Huang Jing helps trainees clearly define domestic violence behaviors from legal aspect

In the training, World Vision also shared its experience in child protection and asked trainees to pay close attention to child protection issue, focusing on child violence and the impact of domestic violence on children.

After the training, participants got a clear and comprehensive understanding of the work area of various responsible parties, the psychological knowledge and practical skills related with case management and the child protection code of conduct in anti-domestic violence. All trainees are satisfied with the training contents. 67.5% of training participants have had a plan or are providing anti-domestic violence social services or psychological counseling in their community and school services. Meanwhile, this training has established a communication and exchange platform to promote the development of the “multi-sector combined operation” mechanism and the effective operation of anti-domestic violence work.

World Vision has launched a global advocacy campaign on Ending Violence against Children during 2018-2022. In China, special attention was given to domestic violence against children with a slogan of “It takes a world to end domestic violence against children”and the goal is to enable boys and girls in China to grow up in a positive and caring environment, free from the threat of domestic violence.